Alex Peavey Interview

NC: Age, Hometown?

AP: I’m 18 years old, and I’m from Lakeland, Florida.

NC: Sponsors?

AP: I ride for 5 Star Skate Shop, Expedition One, and Circa.

NC: How long have you been skating?

AP: I’ve been skating roughly around 7 years.

NC: What’s the scene like in Lakeland?

AP: Mostly little kids now, it kinda died here, but they’re bringing it back.

Kickflip, Lakeland, Florida.

NC: Is Andrew Reynolds Lakeland’s hometown hero?

AP: In my eyes, he’s one. Pat Steiner, Matt Dockery, Aaron Austin, and Danny Renaud as well.

NC: Do you remember your first board?

AP: A red Krown with Bam Margera griptape was my first board…haha.

Frontside Bluntslide, Lakeland, Florida. Photo_Adam De Malignon


NC: What else do you do with your time?

AP: Hang out with friends, work part-time, and schooling.

NC: What is more important…style, tech, gnar, creativity, or a combination of all of those?

AP: I believe style and creativity play the biggest roles. Everyone’s different.

Frontside Bigspin, Lakeland, Florida.

NC: Stairs, Rails, Banks, Tranny, Ledges, Manual Pads…what’s your thing?

AP: Stairs, Rails, Tranny. In that order.

NC: How do you feel about the Ghetto Skate Facility shutting it’s doors?

AP: Pretty bummed. Great place and a good environment. Andre’ is a great guy. Things will turn up. I highly doubt we’ve seen the last of Ghetto Skate Facility!

Kickflip to fakie, Ghetto Skate Facility, Zephyrhills, Florida.

NC: Do you have any favorite skaters, videos, etc.?

AP: I love Extremely Sorry, and Chichogof. I really like Colt Cannon and Jake Duncombe.

NC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

AP: In 5 years, I see myself still skating for sure. More friends, less haters. I just wanna make a name for myself. Just like Andrew did.

Filmed and Edited by Brandon DeJesus.

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