Brand New | Loser Wheels

NC: How did you come up with the name Loser Wheels?

JS: It’s funny actually, I always thought anticlimactic names always stuck out the most to  me, so when I thought about names, I tried to think of opposite of the best, and that’s how loser came about.

NC: What made you want to start a wheel company?

JS: I always though it was cool how they could print little graphics on wheels and what not. It’s just always been something I want to do, unlike everyone wanting to make their own board or clothing companies, no offense to them.

NC: Do you have a team in the works?

JS: I do plan on putting a team together in the future, hopefully near future. First things first though, gotta make sure things are going good and loser wheels are here for the long run.

NC: What can we expect from Loser Wheels in the near future?

JS: Right now I’m working on shirts, stickers, and a second line of wheels. Also working on some photo shoots for ads and exposure.

Be a WINNER…support Loser Wheels by purchasing a set in their online store. You won’t be disappointed. – Nicks.

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