Volcom Stone’s “Wild in the Parks” | Stop #9 – Kona Skatepark

Lil’ Monkeys (10 and Under Division):
Standout: Rory Doran
Johnny Reidy
Bryce Green
Kori Campbell
Bryan Smith
Cade Hayford
Daniel Martinez
Arthur Smith
Connor Lerian

14 & Under Division Winners:
1st: Zion Wright
2nd: Landon Swan
3rd: Tyler Hunger
4th: Matt Lindo
5th: Will Schumatti
6th: Ben Roberts
7th: Ryan Stephens

15 & Over Division Winners:
1st: Blain Partridge
2nd: Jesse Alderman
3rd: Dakota Hunt
4th: Sam Rooks
5th: Ish Cepeda
6th: Tyson Peterson
7th: Steven Mcraig

Open Division Winners:
1st: Blake Kovarik $250
2nd: Jamal Campbell $150
3rd: Connor Askew $100
4th: Craig Clements
5th: Kevin Sikes
6th: Grady Smith
7th: Matthew Call

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