Introducing ‘Pedro’s Rants’


I have met some really rad, genuine people through skateboarding. Pedro Delfino is definitely one of those people. If you know Pedro, then you know that he puts his heart & soul into everything he does…for starters his skateboarding is a reflection of that passion and drive. Pedro is also very passionate about writing and conveys his view of the world through that writing just as he does his skateboarding, which is that of a cultured, seasoned vet. I am really stoked that Pedro thought of No Comply as a proper outlet for sharing his thoughts with the world. That being said, I am proud to introduce “Pedro’s Rants”. – Nicks

“Skateboarding as a group is both physically artistic and emotionally expressive. It is not just an intricate sport, but a lifestyle. It is ultimately daunting that we stick together in a way that we keep this feeling of togetherness and grow as one body because once there is a divide it will just be one giant mess. There are too many times I hear stories of people who used to skate. When asked why they stopped, many of the responses consisted that they could not do a kick flip. Why did the concern of being good at tricks become so prevalent in skateboarding? Was it the fantasy of becoming the next whoever the fuck will be in street league? There is something greater here in the skateboard community that I find brilliant and so unique that it’s sheer beauty is overlooked in it’s entirety. Here, Anyone can relate to one another without fear of persecution like found in institutions like school. Neither is any underdog safe in little league baseball, as they can be discouraged by team mates. With skateboarding, one doesn’t have to be good to make friends and have something in common. Whether you’re the shit poor prodigy at the age of ten, or the suburban Nike head who is neglected affection from their parents, we all seek one thing, a sense of belonging. We all start somewhere, though with different motives, the final prize is something more valuable than what it is to be a professional skateboarder and that is the amazing friends, the amazing journey and the opportunity to express rebellious angst toward the world.” – Pedro Delfino

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  1. If you have ever skated with Pedro you’ve already seen it. He is the embodiment of the point he makes in this article. The man has a kindness and appreciation that comes through in every trick he shares with terrain he is riding. Like he is thanking the pool for the grind it is serving him, the bowl for the speed it is providing him and the coping for providing the perfect perch for this sick contorted frontside invert. His style is silky smooth and shares his love for the craft of skateboarding with all that watch or ride alongside him. Great article Pedro! Thanks for the session.

    September 17, 2013 at 10:10 pm

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