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Jason Adams – Lost Highway 66 x 1031 Skateboards

That is a pretty well-rounded quiver Jason Adams has got there. Always been hyped on Jason’s creativity and uniqueness on the board, which now has translated into his artwork.

Dan Nepscha Pro for 1031

Dan Nepscha is now pro for 1031 Skateboards.

1031 Skateboards “Get Bent”: Jason Adams & Donovan Rice

Jason Adams & Donovan Rice full part from 1031 Skateboards new video Get Bent.

1031 Skateboards “Get Bent”: Kristian Svitak

Kristian Svitak full part from 1031 Skateboards new video Get Bent

1031 Skateboards “Get Bent”: Greg Harbour & B.K.

Greg Harbour & B.K. full part from 1031 Skateboards new video Get Bent.

1031 Skateboards “Get Bent”: Rick Rossi

Here is Rick Rossi’s full part from Get Bent…he also rips!

1031 Skateboards “Get Bent”: Cyril Jackson

Everyday 1031 Skateboards is going to be adding another riders part from Get Bent, from beginning to end, to their YouTube Channel. Today they released the first part of the video, Cyril Jackson. Check it out…this part rips!

1031 Skateboards “Get Bent”: Fritz Mead

Fritz Mead’s amazing part from the new 1031 Skateboards video, Get Bent!

1031 Skateboards “Get Bent”

The new 1031 Skateboards video Get Bent premiered yesterday exclusively on and Click on the 1031 logo above to check it out for yourself…you will not be disappointed! This is raw, real, skateboarding at its finest! DVD’s will be available in a couple of weeks.

1031 Skateboards New Video “Get Bent” drops Friday!

The NEW video from 1031 Skateboards Get Bent drops this Friday, June 3rd on Thrasher Magazine and 1031 Skateboards. DVD’s will be available for purchase in a couple of weeks. This video is going to be sick! If you would like to carry 1031 Skateboards and Landshark Wheels products in your shop, send me an e-mail at In the meantime, get stoked with the two latest commercials for Get Bent: