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2012 Tampa Am Finals & Best Trick

James Grosser came through with those proper angles during the 2012 Tampa Am Finals & Best Trick.


2012 Tampa Am | Pat Schaefer Sequence

Jacksonville, Florida local Pat Schaefer turned some heads at the 2012 Tampa Am.

Pat Schaefer, Nollie Flip, 2012 Tampa Am.

Pat Schaefer, Nollie Flip, 2012 Tampa Am.

Strange Notes | Un Momento w/ Evan Smith

Strange Notes spent Un Momento with Evan Smith at the 2012 Tampa Am. Featuring guest appearances by Chris Blake and Shaun Hale.

RIDE Channel | 2012 Tampa Am Raw Footage

The RIDE Channel has a grip of 2012 Tampa Am raw footage edits for your enjoyment, including Alec Majerus’ winning run.

2012 Tampa Am | Ryan Reyes Sequence

Ryan Reyes, Wallride to flat.

Ryan Reyes, Wallride to flat.

Thrasher Magazine | Tampa Am Aside

Thrasher Magazine has a killer edit of some of the non-contest related shredding that went down over the 2012 Tampa Am weekend, including a heated Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark sesh. Featuring: Ronnie Sandoval, Alex Sorgente, Robbie Russo, Raney Beres, Clive Dixon, Alec Majerus, and more.

2012 Tampa Am | Jagger Eaton Sequence

Jagger Eaton is 11 years old, shreds, can skate anything, and took 3rd place at the 2012 Tampa Am.

Jagger Eaton, Kickflip BS Lipslide.

Jagger Eaton, Kickflip BS Lipslide.

2012 Tampa Am | Skatepark of Tampa 20-Year Anniversary Party Photos

Saturday night during Tampa Am weekend is always the night for the huge party/ show. This year’s party was extra big considering it was the 20-Year Anniversary Party.When the evening starts off with antics from the “Senator”…things are bound to get epic. Cuates, The Shrine, Killer Mike and Souls of Mischief all provided killer sounds and entertainment all night long, while the staff at CZAR kept the drinks flowing. – Nicks

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag

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2012 Tampa Am | Final Results & Video Recap

Here are the Final Results for the 2012 Tampa Am, the Independent Truck Co. Best Trick Contest, as well as, a video recap of it all courtesy of the RIDE Channel.

Final Results
1. Alec Majerus
2. Davis Torgerson
3. Jagger Eaton
4. Nassim Guammaz
5. Chase Webb
6. Carlos Ribeiro
7. Dylan Witkin
8. Pat Schaefer
9. Jon Costentino
10. Brodie Penrod
11. Shawn Hale
12. Liam McCabe

Independent Truck Best Trick Results
1. Brodie Penrod – Backside Tailslide Bigflip out
2. Julian Davidson – Gap to Switch Bluntslide 270 out
3. Jamie Foy – Gap to 360 Flip Lipslide
4. Trevor Colden – Crooked Grind Nollie Flip Pop Over Rail
5. Dashawn Jordan – 360 Flip Backside 180

2012 Tampa Am | Paul Hart Sequence

Floridian Paul Hart put down a Nollie BS Nosebluntslide to Fakie.


2012 Tampa Am | Nassim Guammaz Sequence

No doubt you have heard by now that Alec Majerus won the 2012 Tampa Am. Nassim Guammaz, who came in 4th place, won “Best Style” in my book. – Nicks.

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Nassim Guammaz, Fakie Ollie to Fakie 50-50

Nassim Guammaz, Fakie Ollie to Fakie 50-50