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Criteria For Failure | Premiere Promo

If you are in the Jacksonville area this Saturday, January 12th, be sure to check out the “Criteria For Failure” Premiere at 8103 Clothing in Jacksonville Beach.Criteria For Failure is a new full-length from Matt Oistacher featuring: Paul Hart, Spencer Lau, Grady Smith, Jake Sykes, Nick Blanco, Cory Newton, Jamal Campbell, Craig Clements, Matt Fink, and many more.

2012 Tampa Am | Paul Hart Sequence

Floridian Paul Hart put down a Nollie BS Nosebluntslide to Fakie.


Raw Timmy Knuth Clips

Terry LaRue has a sick little edit of some raw Timmy Knuth clips for your viewing pleasure.

Filmed and Edited by Terry LaRue

Craig Clements | 5 Tricks @ Kona

5 Tricks @ Kona Skatepark with Craig Clements.

Filmed and Edited by Matt Oistacher

Nolan Lee Throwaway Footage has some sick throwaway footy of Florida OG, POW!! Skateboards owner, and 8103 Clothing team rider Nolan Lee. Look for his new full-length part coming soon on

Filmed by Bradley Cushing and Dennis Williford

Edited by Nolan Lee

World Industries “2 Scoops” | Timmy Knuth Debut Pro Part

Florida ripper Timmy Knuth just recently joined the Pro ranks over at World Industries. Check out his Debut Pro Part in the new 2 Scoops Promo…he kills it.

Random Sequence | Garrett Miller

This white-boy has some ups…Garrett Miller, Frontside Lipslide, Pinellas Park, FL.


Clip of the Week #10 | Garrett Miller

This week’s Clip of the Week goes to Orlando local Garrett Miller who likes to jump off of buildings. Garrett taildropped into the Insta-Ramp at The Bricks & SPoT Skateshop Ybor Two Year Anniversary Party over the weekend…twice for some reason.

Filmed and Edited by Nick Nicks

Southern Exposure Am Jam Finals @ Midtown Skatepark

Jay Meyer  has a real nice montage of the Southern Exposure Am Jam Finals at Midtown Skatepark last weekend. The level of skating was unreal and things got pretty wild to say the least. Looking forward to this contest series for many years to come. Again, huge shout-out to Nick Murphy and Todd at USS Catalyst for all of their dedication and hard work. Look for my footage of the event tomorrow. – Nicks

Final Results:

Grom (15 & Under):

1. Robbie Wadkins

2. Chris Hatten

3. Travis Grant

Open AM:

1. Poptart

2. Garrett Miller

3. Chad Poore

Best Trick:

Garrett Miller – Taildrop of Death

8103 Clothing Welcomes Garrett Miller

8103 Clothing welcomes Garrett Miller to the family with this killer Midtown Skatepark edit.

Filmed and Edited by TJ Gaskill

Bethune Point Skatepark Montage 2

Bethune Point Skatepark Montage 2 features Dalton Dern, Timmy Knuth, and Kevin Sikes shredding the park.

Filmed and Edited by Wyatt Woodward.

Nick Blanco Park Project

Nick Blanco shreds some parks in Jacksonville and St. Augustine…also featuring Mike Peterson and Tyler Peaco.

DAYLANDO | Filming In Progress – Timmy Knuth

Pretty sick throwaway clips of Timmy Knuth in this one. Look for Timmy’s full part in DAYLANDO…coming soon.

Filmed & Edited by TJ Gaskill.

Craig Clements – Flatbar Technicalities

8103 Clothing family member Craig Clements has some serious skills on this flatbar at the UNF skatepark in Jacksonville.

Filmed and Edited by Matt Oistacher

Kona Quick Clips: Craig Clements & Jamal Campbell

8103 Clothing family members Craig Clements & Jamal Campbell enjoy a little post-thunderstorm sesh at Kona Skatepark in the JAX.

Fimed and Edited by Matt Oistacher.

“Bang Yoself 3” – Paul Hart & Blake Carpenter

8103 Clothing team rider Paul Hart and RIPNDIP Clothing team rider Blake Carpenter are both finalists in The Berrics’ Bang Yoself 3. Both of these dudes are from Florida and their parts are ridiculously good, take a look below. Don’t forget to vote, the winner will be decided by a combination of Facebook “Likes” and a panel of judges from The Berrics and LRG.


8103 Clothing: Nolan Lee Commercial

Nolan Lee is representing FLA and 8103 Clothing in this new commercial, filmed and edited by Bradley Scott Cushing of

DJ Gaudin: Double Rock Drive-By

8103 Clothing family member DJ Gaudin did a Drive-By at Thrasher Magazine’s Double Rock recently. This dude has some serious switch skills.

8103 Clothing: Introducing Jamal Campbell

Jamal Campbell is now getting flowed by 8103 Clothing, and they would like to introduce him and his skills on the stuntwood to you via this video clip. Filmed and Edited by Matt Oistacher.

Nick Blanco & Friends

8103 Clothing has some recent footage of team rider Nick Blanco, and friends Jamal Campbell and Trevor Stevens, shredding the UNF Skate Park. Filmed and Edited by Matt Oistacher.

“Day In The Life” with Nick Blanco

Check this “Day In The Life” with 8103 Clothing‘s Nick Blanco.

8103 Clothing: Paul Hart Commercial

Jacksonville’s 8103 Clothing has a sick little commercial featuring ripping team rider Paul Hart. Filmed/ Edited by Stephen Oliveira.

8103 Clothing: Jake Sykes

8103 Clothing rider Jake Sykes coming through with some ripping clips at Monument (Ed Austin) Skatepark in Jacksonville, FL. Filmed/ Edited by Chris Jolly.

8103 Clothing Welcomes Spencer Lau

Spencer Lau is the newest addition to the 8103 Clothing family. Take a look at his welcome video filmed at Kona Skatepark in Jacksonville. Florida skater, Florida clothing company, Florida skatepark…lots of good things happening for skateboarding in Florida these days.