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Lakeland Skaters Alliance Meeting

Lakeland, Florida needs a proper city-funded skatepark, and the dudes at the Lakeland Skaters Alliance are ready to do what it takes to make sure that becomes reality. There is an open-forum meeting tomorrow night at Evolution Records to discuss the need for a park, as well as design and location ideas. If you have an opportunity to make it out, please do so and share your ideas with them. And, if you can’t make it please share the Lakeland Skaters Alliance page with your friends to help support their cause.

Help A.Skate Win a $50,000 Grant

Help The A.Skate Foundation win a $50,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh Project. Vote daily at and text 108814 to Pepsi (73774). A.Skate works tirelessly to help introduce the individual freedom of skateboarding to children with autism, and now they need our support.

Save The Property

Photos Courtesy of “Save The Property” Facebook Group Page. 

Help SAVE a piece of Florida Skateboarding history. “The Property” is a privately owned skateboarding mecca in the woods of Northeast Florida and needs your help in the form of financial contributions to pay the back taxes that are owed to the county. Take a moment to read the story about “The Property”, and help keep D.I.Y. skateboarding in Florida alive. All contributions can be made through and “send money” to Thanks for your support!

The A.Skate Foundation/ Disaster Relief

Our friends at The A.Skate Foundation work tirelessly helping kids with autism all over the country…now they need our help. Disaster struck a couple of days ago in The A.Skate Foundation’s local community of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and its surrounding areas. Massive tornadoes killed hundreds of people and destroyed entire neighborhoods. All of the details on how to help are listed on the flier below. No Comply Skateboarding Magazine will have a donation drop box located at The Globe Coffee Lounge in downtown St. Petersburg where needed items can be dropped off. The Globe Coffee Lounge is located at 532 1st Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida. Thank you in advance for you help.