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Open Minded | David Morefield

Florida breeds some really talented individuals. David Morefield’s part in Adam Hadden’s Open Minded video is good ole’ Florida street skating.

Open Minded Teaser #2

Check out the second teaser for Adam Hadden’s upcoming full-length Open Minded. Featuring: Max Catasus, Kass Plummer, David Morefield, and Jonathan Morefield.

Untitled Skateboards Welcomes Max Catasus

Untitled Skateboards proudly welcomes Florida east coast ripper Max Catasus to the team.

Filmed and Edited by Adam Hadden.

Open Minded | Teaser

Check out the teaser for Open Minded, an upcoming short video from Adam Hadden featuring east coast rippers: Max Catasus, Kass Plummer, Nick Misner, David Morefield, and Johnathan Morefield.


Sub-Tropic is a side project from David Morefield that was filmed during Commit or Quit, with some more recent clips thrown in. Featuring central Florida rippers: Clive Dixon, David Morefield, Johnathan Morefield, Shane Kassin, Tyson Stripling, Ben Eubank, Max Catasus,  and Evan Dougherty.

Filmed and Edited by David Morefield.

BROvard 2

Adam Hadden is back with another sick montage out of Brevard County, Florida. BROvard 2 features: Daniel Ratliff, Shane Kassin, Jonathan Morefield, Brian Orourke, David Morefield, Nick Misner, Max Catasus.

Filmed and Edited by Adam Hadden

Johnathan Morefield Sequence

Adam Hadden sent over this killer sequence of Jonathan Morefield filming for his part in the upcoming independent full-length, Commit or Quit. Look for Commit or Quit soon…featuring full parts from some of Florida’s finest: Clive Dixon, Shane Kassin, Tyson Stripling, David & Jonathan Morefield, Dave Anderson, Matt Call, Jon Hadley, and more… Check out more of Adam’s work at BROvard.

Jon Morefield, FS 180 Ollie, Mims, Florida. Photo_Adam Hadden

VHS | Brevard County Spring Throwaway

VHS is an edit of 2012 Spring throwaway footage straight outta Bro-vard County, Florida. Featuring, in order of appearance: In Order: Chris Shatto, Adam Whitacre, Brian Hiney, Jason Ross, Shane Carter, Jon Beach, David Morefield, Jonathan Morefield, Brian Orourke, Max Catasus, and Nick Misner.

Filmed and Edited by Adam Hadden.

Shane Carter Footage

2 months worth of raw shredding from Shane Carter out of Titusville, Florida.

Filmed and Edited by Adam Hadden

BROvard | Brevard County Montage

BROvard is a killer little montage out of Brevard County featuring local up-and-coming rippers and classic crusty Florida spots. Featuring in order of appearance: Shane Carter, Jonathan Morefield, Nick Misner, Brian Orourke, Joe Baronek, Adam Howard, Brian Hiney, Jason Ross, Max Catasus.

Filmed and Edited by Adam Hadden.