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Midtown Skatepark | 2012 HD

Jean Aguilar, Greason Collazo, Willie Wilson, Jordan Armenta, Adrian Fullerton, and Chaz Fisher shred Midtown Skatepark in this new edit from Riley Payne and Jean Aguilar.

Maybach Music Group @ Midtown Skate Park

Riley Payne has a new Midtown Skatepark edit for your viewing pleasure. This one features: Riley Payne, Drew Fall, Jean Aguilar, Greason Collazo, Trey Sylvester, Kyle Bean, Garret Miller, Jake “Poptart” Welch, and Adrian Fullerton.

Filmed and Edited by Riley Payne

Midtown Skatepark | Clip of the Week #1 & #2

Every Monday, Midtown Skatepark filmer Kevin Perez will be at the park looking for someone to film for their new “Clip of the Week” feature. Clip of the Week #1 features Chris Abbott, the owner of the park and Clip of the Week #2 features Adrian Fullerton, a local ripper. Take a look at both clips below, these guys rip. So, you never know…you might be next!

Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez.

Midtown Skatepark | A Minute and Forty-Seven Seconds

Love the title of this killer little edit from Midtown Skatepark in Orlando. A Minute and Forty-Seven Seconds features: Adrian Fullerton, Darren Avalos, Connor Askew, Jean Aguilar, Brian “Yoda” Upapong, and Chaz Fisher.

Filmed and Edited by Riley Payne