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2012 Tampa Am | Pat Schaefer Sequence

Jacksonville, Florida local Pat Schaefer turned some heads at the 2012 Tampa Am.

Pat Schaefer, Nollie Flip, 2012 Tampa Am.

Pat Schaefer, Nollie Flip, 2012 Tampa Am.

Johnathan Morefield Sequence

Adam Hadden sent over this killer sequence of Jonathan Morefield filming for his part in the upcoming independent full-length, Commit or Quit. Look for Commit or Quit soon…featuring full parts from some of Florida’s finest: Clive Dixon, Shane Kassin, Tyson Stripling, David & Jonathan Morefield, Dave Anderson, Matt Call, Jon Hadley, and more… Check out more of Adam’s work at BROvard.

Jon Morefield, FS 180 Ollie, Mims, Florida. Photo_Adam Hadden

D.I.Y. Spot Check | Nick Murphy

D.I.Y. Spot Check with Nick Murphy from the Go-Kart Track spot in Palmetto, FL. Blunt Kickflip to Fakie.

Sequence © No Comply Skateboard Mag 2012

Random Sequence | Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy has a Backside Boneless for this steep, sketchy little brick bank in Pinellas Park, FL.


Random Sequence | Garrett Miller

This white-boy has some ups…Garrett Miller, Frontside Lipslide, Pinellas Park, FL.


Random Sequence | Poptart

Poptart with a blunt to fakie on steep brick bank in Pinellas Park, Florida.


Sequence | Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy, Alley-Oop Boneless into the deep end of the bowl at Providence East Skatepark in Brandon, FL. Sequence_Nicks.

Jake Mills | Boardslide Sequence

Jake Mills, Boardslide up, Providence East Skatepark Grand Opening Ceremony, Brandon, FL. Photo_Nicks.


DIY Spot Check | 3 Piers

Nick Murphy, Frontside 360 Ollie, 3 Piers, Bradenton Beach, Florida. Sequence_Nicks.

Obama Skating

Found this floating around on the web…brilliant.