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Soft Hoagie Rolls | “Now That’s What I Call Spring Hill Vol. 11 ” & “Lonely in Red”

Got a couple of new edits here for you from Soft Hoagie Rolls leading up to the release of their new full length video Coming of Age.

SHR | Coming of Age Propaganda Vol. 5

Coming of Age Propaganda Vol. 5 from Soft Hoagie Rolls features: Anthony Marshello, Victor Scorza, Spike Lamy, Yonis Molina, and Manny Rodriguez.


SHR | Coming of Age Propaganda Vol. 3

Coming of Age Propaganda Vol. 3 visual excellence from Soft Hoagie Rolls featuring: Anthony Marshello, Joe Kokoszka, Spike Lamy and Dan Harper.

SHR | Curb Chronicles Vol. 6

Curbs are the new 20-Stair rails. How convenient that the sweet spot is right in front of the “Party” store…Soft Hoagie Rolls knows how to get down.

Soft Hoagie Rolls | Exciting New Technology

Soft Hoagie Rolls is introducing some Exciting New Technology in 2013 that is going to blow your mind! Nick Barwick, Scott Grimm, Johnny Goheen, Treshan O’Shaughnessy, Luke Pallone, Anthony Marshello, Dan Harper, Victor Scorza, and Spike Lamy have all had their chips implanted already.

Soft Hoagie Rolls | Riverwalk Rolls

Soft Hoagie Rolls always coming through with the goodness. TJ Sparks, Anthony Marshello, and Nick Barwick shred Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark in this one.

SHR | PTΔ – Diego Saravia, Chris Zack, Anthony Marshello, & CA$H

Diego Saravia, Chris Zack, Anthony Marshello, and CA$H’s part in PTΔ from Soft Hoagie Rolls.

Schoolyard Skatepark | Collected Works

A collection of old and new footage from Schoolyard Skatepark. Featuring: Cash Gaddes, Anthony Marshello, Nick Barwick, Jimmy Mastrocolo, and Jared Brantingham.

Filmed and Edited by Tim Simmons.

More Schoolyard Footage

Austin McCurry has a sick edit of Saturday night’s event at Schoolyard Skatepark.

Filmed and Edited by Austin McCurry

The Fla Story 2 | Full Video

The Fla Story 2 is full of Tampa Bay area rippers.

Filmed and Edited by Cam Simon.