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Strange Notes | “5 & 5 w/ Evan Smith”

Strange Notes has a killer 5 & 5 with Evan Smith at the Maitland Brick Quarters.

Insta-Gallery | 04.10.2013

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Skateboarder Magazine | 2013 Tampa Pro Finals & Luan Oliveira’s Winning Run

Skateboarder Magazine has a killer edit of the 2013 Tampa Pro Finals and Luan Oliveira’s winning run.

7th Annual Florida Bowlriders Cup | Gallery & Finals Edit


7th Annual Florida Bowlriders Cup Finals Edit & Photo Gallery. Check out the killer edit of Sunday’s Finals Presented by Autoline Preowned. Then, make sure to click on over to the next page to scroll through the massive gallery of photos.

Check the Photo Gallery here.

What it [dot] be | Evan Smith Interview

What it [dot] be has a killer interview and a quick clip with Evan Smith.


Bones Wheels “Mo’ Mondays” – Sarasota Skatepark

When the Bones Wheels team rolled through Florida a few months back, they did a demo at P(a)yne Skatepark in Sarasota and tore the place up. Check out this weeks Mo’ Mondays featuring: Jimmy “The Greek” Marcus, Ben Hatchell, Kevin Kowalski, Steven Reeves, and Brad McClain makin’ it look easy! While you are at it register to WIN wheels, bearings, bushings, t-shirts, and more!

South Florida Pool Invasion

Most of the Bones Wheels “Pool” Team, consisting of Jimmy “The Greek” Marcus, Kevin Kowlaski, Brad McLain, Steven Reeves, and Ben Hatchell rolled through Florida last month on a backyard pool skating/ filming mission. The whole trip was organized by Miami local Seth Levy. Seth apparently is relocating out of the Miami area and had a list of a bunch of backyard pools that he wanted to skate before leaving. Earlier this year at the Florida Bowlriders Cup, Seth was talking with Rob Washburn, the brand manager at Bones Wheels about his “list” and Rob thought it would be cool if the Bones Wheels “Pool Division” made a trip out of it. Just a short couple of months later, that trip became a reality. Check out this video with an interview with Seth Levy, backyard pool skating footage, Circus Bowl footage, and even some cool time-lapse footage of a complete emptying/cleaning of a Florida backyard pool! Look for more footage in the upcoming Bones video!

Filmed and Edited by Drew Perlmutter.

Bones @ Circus Bowl

The latest installment of Bones Wheels’ Mo’ Mondays finds Jimmy “The Greek” Marcus, Ben Hatchell, Steven Reeves, Brad McClain, and Kevin Kowalski absolutely shredding the Circus Bowl in south Florida when they were here a couple of weeks ago touring around the state.

Bones Demo at P(a)yne Skate Park is Tonight!

Tonight! P(a)yne Skate Park in SarasotaBe There! Shredding, BBQ, Product Toss, BYOB (Cans Only)! Gonna be rowdy!

Bones Team Demo @ P(a)yne Skate Park!


The Bones Wheels Team is going to be shredding P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota on Monday, May 9th! Chad Bartie, Kevin Kowalski, Brad Mclain, Steven Reeves, Ben Hatchell, and Ben Raybourn have been confirmed! BBQ, Product Toss, Shredding…you know how they do it down there in Sarasota! Stay tuned here for all of the details.

Tillman Hazelton Interview

    I just recently met Tillman and I caught up with him yesterday @ the Ghetto Skate Facility to shoot photos and do this interview. Tillman just turned 15 recently, but rips with the speed, style, and finesse of a professional that has been doing it for years! Not to mention, he is also a really cool kid. He is wise beyond his years and has already sworn off people that have bad attitudes and trash-talk. He knows that there is no time for that crap, Tillman just wants to skate and have fun…attitude-free. Keep an eye out for Tillman, because his skating will blow your mind!


Backside Smith Grind. Photo_Nicks

Where do you live?

I live in Zephyrhills, FL it’s about a 30 minute drive from Tampa.

How old are you?

I just turned 15 on October 14th.

How long have you been skateboarding?

I have been skating for about 3 and a half years.

Beanplant to Tail. Photo_Nicks

Who are your current sponsors?

I’m on Ghetto Skateboards, Ion clothing, and I’m (flow) for Bones wheels!

What is your current board set-up?

I ride a 7.75 Ghetto deck with Mob Grip, 139 Independent trucks of course, they’re the best, and 56 mm Jimmy The Greek Bones wheels with Bones Reds bearings!!

So, you are a really talented transition skater, do you skate street as well?

Well, I never really skated anything until I moved here and was sitting in Sonny’s BBQ eating ribs and saw an ad for The Ghetto Skate Facility and begged my mom to take me. Once I was there I loved it and I was there every time I got the chance. So, yes, I’m very talented at transition, but lately I have been skating more and more street but my true passion still is with transition!

Bluntslide. Photo_Nicks

Do you ever skate the vert ramp @ SPoT?

 I do go to SPoT almost every Tuesday and play on the vert a little, but not much. I will be starting to skate it more though as soon as I make it out to one of the vert jams that have been going down there.

Have you skated in a lot of contests? Do like contests?

 No, I don’t tend to skate too many contest. So far a total of like 6 and I do well in them, but i definitely don’t like them. I feel that there are always too many people who come to them their bad attitudes, which really bums me out and makes me want to not even skate.                                                                                                 

What kind of music do you listen to?

 Well that depends on if  I’m skating or not. If I am skating I like to listen to fast heavy music like Slayer or Iron Maiden. If I’m not skating I’ll tend to listen to Lil Wayne.

Backside Boneless. Photo_Nicks

Who are your skateboarding influences?

 Oooohh man one person and one person only Chris Lehman. He kills it when he is skating any ramp of any size he is great!! I tend to get told i skate like him which really makes me feel good about my skating!

Do you have any plans for the future?

Well not really, I do plan on going to college no matter what happens, but I do want to take my skating as far as possible.

500 mph Frontside Smith Grind up and through the Chunky corner! Photo_Nicks