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Andre McKenzie & Brandon Knowles S.P.o.T Clip

Gator Board Shop team riders Andre McKenzie & Brandon Knowles killed the street course at the Skatepark of Tampa over the weekend.  Joshua Wilson was there filming and put together this sick clip. This street course is going to look very different here pretty soon, with the 2011 Tampa Am just around the corner.


Filmed & Edited by Joshua Wilson

Backflips…The New Kickflips?

So, last week this video of of Roberto Jimenez doing a backflip to 50-50 on a mini-ramp was all over the internet. Roberto is a local at Gator Board Shop in Sebring, Florida, and this week he came back with a backflip to manual! This dude is a backflipping machine, I want to see a backflip out now Roberto. Both videos filmed and Edited by Brandon Knowles.