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Soft Hoagie Rolls | “Now That’s What I Call Spring Hill Vol. 11 ” & “Lonely in Red”

Got a couple of new edits here for you from Soft Hoagie Rolls leading up to the release of their new full length video Coming of Age.

SHR | Coming of Age Propaganda Vol. 4

Coming of Age Propaganda Vol. 4 from Soft Hoagie Rolls featuring: Nick Barwick, Ian McGraw, Ant Scalf, Tyler Hicks, Cash Gaddes, Scott Grimm, Spike Lamy, Dan Harper, and Jeff Masi.

SHR | Curb Chronicles Vol. 6

Curbs are the new 20-Stair rails. How convenient that the sweet spot is right in front of the “Party” store…Soft Hoagie Rolls knows how to get down.

Schoolyard Skatepark | Collected Works

A collection of old and new footage from Schoolyard Skatepark. Featuring: Cash Gaddes, Anthony Marshello, Nick Barwick, Jimmy Mastrocolo, and Jared Brantingham.

Filmed and Edited by Tim Simmons.