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Go Skateboarding Day 2015 @ Orlando Skate Park

Filmed & Edited by Gio Fournier

National Go Skateboarding Day takes place on June 21st every year and it’s the day for Skateboarders across the globe to celebrate what they’re passionate about most. It all started in 2004 and has been an ongoing holiday where skaters across the world drop everything and just focus on what they love skateboarding.

Team Pain Skate Parks just recently completed a restoration of the 12 year old Orlando Skate Park. Adding a few new obstacles, fresh paint, and a compete revamp of the big bowl in the back end of the park. Complete with brand new tedder stone pool coping and tile, not to mention the strenuous task of demoing the previous hip and reconstructing a brand new hip that opens up the bowl and allows for more flow and lines.  Check out the recap above to see some of Orlando’s best tearing up their newly renovated skate park.


Midtown Skatepark | “Clip of the Week” #52 – David Kahn – Catalyst

Catalyst team rider David Kahn comes through with Midtown Skatepark’s latest Clip of the Week. Check it out…it’s a good one.

Random Sequence – Poptart

Poptart getting creative in Lakeland.

Sequence © No Comply Skateboard Mag


Random Sequence | Zack Gustafson


Zack Gustafson, Frontside 50-50 to Ollie over, St. Petersburg, FL. Sequence_Nicks


Random Sequence | Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy has a Backside Boneless for this steep, sketchy little brick bank in Pinellas Park, FL.


Random Sequence | Poptart

Poptart with a blunt to fakie on steep brick bank in Pinellas Park, Florida.


Adios Poptart

Damn kids these days…No respect. Poptart blowing minds on the Insta-Ramp at The Bricks Two Year Anniversary Party last night. Good luck out west Poptart, Florida will miss you.

Photo © No Comply Skateboard Mag 2012

Click on image to view large.

Poptart FS Invert Clip

Yoda is a ninja with that iPhone 4 footy. Poptart just learned Frontside Inverts…can’t you tell from this clip?

Catalyst Welcomes Nick Murphy

USS Catalyst in Orlando would like to welcome Nick Murphy to the team with this ripping “Welcome” video.

Filmed and Edited by Jay Meyer.

Keith Baldassare I.S.T.I.A. Interview

Take a look at the Keith Baldassare Interview over at I Skate Therfore I Am.

Keith Baldassare, Over the Hip to Frontside 5-0, OSP, 2011.

Event Reminders: OSP and SPoT

This Saturday, February 12th is the Catalyst “Tag Team Game of S.K.A.T.E.” at OSP and the “Valentine’s Day Massacre” All Ages Contest at SPoT.

 Click on the fliers to get registered.

Check the No Comply Magazine Events page for all of the upcoming events.

Jake “Poptart” Welch Footage

Here’s a little video from Demon Seed Skateboards/ USS Catalyst rider Jake “Poptart” Welch.

The New Catalyst Shop Decks make me thirsty!

These are some really nice looking shop decks…the beer deck has an especially nice head on it! $35 gets you rolling one of these bad boys. Check them out.