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The Shop Skateshop Promo

Our buddy Nate Ilardi put together this really rad little promo video for The Shop Skateshop in Bradenton, FL. The Shop is Bradenton’s only Skateboarder-Owned and Operated Skateshop, and is located just blocks from Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark, Make sure to swing through and check them out when you are in the area…and as they say down at The Shop ‘Don’t let a carpenter be your dentist’.

2012 Tampa Am | Welcome to Tampa Party Photos

The 2012 Tampa Am kicked off last night with the standard Thursday Practice, Bowl Jam, and Welcome to Tampa Party. The bowl session got real heated and Party Time, Bad Shit, The Shrine, and Saviours threw down on the stage to a really hyped-up crowd…some more than others.

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Providence East (Brandon) Park Update

Chris Cantwell from P(a)yne Skatepark in Sarasota has a firsthand account (in words and photos) of the current status of Team Pain’s newest project in Brandon, FL. Check out Chris’ write-up and photos here. There are also a bunch of new photos and some videos over on the Team Pain Skateparks site. Make sure to stay tuned for all of the grand opening details…should be soon!

Punk Rock Mini Ramp Jam @ P(a)yne Skatepark

Friday at P(a)yne Skatepark in Sarasota the weather was perfect for the Punk Rock Mini Ramp Jam. Losin’ It, Truth Inside, Slow Burn, Brainbust, Suburban Warfare, and Green Street Elite kept the tunes hard and loud all evening long, while a super-charged jam was going down on the mini ramp. Big shout-outs to Compound Boardshop, V-Town Surf & Skate 2, and Chris & Dan @ P(a)yne Skatepark for the giveaways and for making it all happen. Until next time…

Check out the photos here.

‘Awesome!’ – Skate park plans unveiled – Tourism –

‘Awesome!’ – Skate park plans unveiled – Tourism –

I think we are all getting pretty “Stoked” about this!

Team Pain earns skatepark job second time around – Tourism –

Team Pain earns skatepark job second time around – Tourism –

Bradenton switches to firm favored by skateboarders – Business –

Bradenton switches to firm favored by skateboarders – Business –

This is the result when real democracy works…everybody wins. Big shout-out to Chris Cantwell and Geza Darrah for all of the time and hard work that they put into this, making it the reality that it is today. Because of their persistence, the city of Bradenton will get the proper skatepark that it deserves. Don’t forget, next Wednesday, September 7th, the Bradenton DDA, NDC Construction, and Team Pain Skateparks want to hear from you at the Skatepark Design Input Meeting…Don’t miss it!

Random Video: Johnathan Shore Oververt Pocket Grind at P(a)yne Skate Park

Peep this video clip of Johnathan Shore grinding the oververt pocket at P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota…GNARLY! Video courtesy of Chris Cantwell.

Bradenton Skatepark Petition Form

Alright, here is the latest on the status of the new Bradenton Skatepark. It looks as though a skatepark is part of the overall final plan for the downtown Bradenton “Riverwalk” project. The Downtown Development Authority is aware that there is plenty of support for the skatepark, and that the park will attract local (and non-local) people to the downtown area at least once a week. Let’s face it, if the park is done right, it will attract locals & non-locals to the downtown area MORE than once a week. There is one snag though, the DDA has NOT committed to having a FREE skatepark. The justifications for charging a “User Fee” for a public, city-owned, taxpayer-funded, skatepark, or any type of park for that matter, doesn’t hold any water. This is where you come in. Please fill out the petition form below and be sure to include keywords such as: “Free”, “Public”, “Lighted”, “All Hour Access”, etc. Also, be sure to include how many times per week you and your family would visit the park. Here is an example that you are more than welcome to use word for word or alter to fit your own personal comment: “A free public skate park along the riverfront will give kids a great outlet to release their energy in a positive way.  My family would visit the skate park at least 3 to 4 times a week hopefully at night as long as the skate park is lighted to skate in cooler temperatures.” Completed petition forms can be e-mailed to or they can be dropped of at any of the local skateshops in Bradenton or Sarasota or at P(a)yne Skatepark in Sarasota. Thank you for your support!