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Adam “Scissors” Effertz | South FLA Backyard Vert

Came up on this rad edit of Scissors powering through some sick lines last spring at Guilfoose’s ramp in south Florida…enjoy!

Video: Chris Guilfoose

Black Friday Vert Attack

While most of the country was standing in line for hours to get that $199 Amazon Kindle Fire…this crew was drawing vertical lines. No strings attached, just a good ole’ backyard vert ramp sesh…Florida-Style!

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag 2011

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Florida Vert Jam #6 Montage

Here is a killer little montage of the Florida Vert Jam #6 from last month at the Skatepark of Tampa, courtesy of Demon Seed Skateboards. Featuring Demon Seed riders: Rich Payne, Steve Workman, and Isaac Crawford. The video also features the south Florida vert crew: Adam “Scissors” Effertz and Chris Guilfoose.

Florida Vert Jam #6

Florida Vert Jam #6, Saturday April 16th, 2011 at Skatepark of Tampa. #6 wasn’t the biggest turnout, but as usual everyone had a great time and some sick vert skating was going down. Big thanks to Todd Morrow for making the Florida Vert Jams happen, to the Demon Seed Skateboards crew, and all of the Orlando and East Coast rippers that made the trip. Also, thanks to Brian Schaefer and The Bricks for the killer food and drink specials.
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Jason Conner, Proper Rock N Roll.

Jake Ilardi, Backside Air.

Isaac Crawford, Grown-Man Frontside Air.

Rich Payne, Backside Air.

Rich Payne, One-Footed Mute Air. (Sick Trick, Crappy Photo)

Isaac Crawford Learned One-Footed Mute Airs Second Try...But, I Couldnt Manage To Get The Timing Right On The Photo.

Rich Payne, Rotten Egg.

Isaac Crawford, Stalefish.

Toby Gummeson, Frontside Air.

Chris Guilfoose, Method to Fakie.

Chris Guilfoose, Method Air.

Chris Guilfoose, Method Air. (Wide View)

Chris Guilfoose, Hellflip Indy. (Yep, thats a make)


Click on image above to view sequence courtesy of Demon Seed Skateboards.

Adam "Scissors" Effertz, Stalefish.

Adam "Scissors" Effertz, "Derrière"

Steve Workman, Frontside Air.

Steve Workman, Varial Lien.

Chris Guilfoose, HUGE Japan Air.

Steve Workman, Backside Melon Poker.

Post Vert Sesh...Sesh.



Creature Feature…South Beach Style.

Sam Hitz, Frontside Air. Photo_Ed Dominick

With snow in 49 out of the 50 states in the nation, some of the Creature dudes headed to Miami, Florida to work on their tans and skate some backyard vert! Check out the photos of Darren Navarrette, Sam Hitz, Al Partanen, Chris Guilfoose, and Adam “Scissors” Effertz over at The Skateboard Mag.