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Random Photo | 10.15.2013 – Yoda

Photo © No Comply Skateboard Mag

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Yoda, Blunt to Fakie in the tight little corner, Dream Driveway, FL.


SPoT On | Danny Fuenzalida

In this episode of SPoT On, the Skatepark of Tampa crew made a trip down to Miami for a contest at Grand Central Park, Miami’s DIY skatepark. While they were there they caught up with resident pro Danny Fuenzalida, one of the dedicated people responsible for making the park a reality.

Random Photo | 08.16.13

Yoda, Layback Front Rock, New Smyrna Beach, FL. Photo_Nick Perry

Yoda, Layback Front Rock, New Smyrna Beach, FL. Photo_Nick Perry

Random Photo | 08.12.13

Up close and personal with Joe Storm and his Frontside Invert, New Smyrna Beach, FL. Photo_Nick Perry.

Up close and personal with Joe Storm and his Frontside Invert, New Smyrna Beach, FL. Photo_Nick Perry.

Minute at Monument | Kyle Parisi

A minute of shredding Monument Skatepark with Kyle Parisi.

Lakeland Skatepark Edit

Riley Payne has a killer little edit from the new Team Pain Skateparks park in Lakeland, FL. This was shot with some of the “Quality Control” crew back before the park was open.

Grand Central 2.0

Ismael Gaitan has rad new edit from the Grand Central Park DIY spot in Miami, featuring a bunch of the usual suspects.

The Bro Bowl’s Fate…

I know that this is kind of last minute, but I had to at least say something. A lot of people have been asking me recently how I feel about the Bro Bowl potentially being torn down. Well, personally I love the Bro Bowl. I have 23 + years of memories from the Bro Bowl. Some of those memories are really good memories…some of them, well, not so good.  That being said, if the trade-off is the park that you see represented in the drawings below…tell me when and where and I will be there with a sledgehammer to help with the demolition.

The new park is slated to be 3 times the square footage of the existing Bro Bowl and would be just a few hundred yards away at the north end of Perry Harvey Sr. Park. Included in the preliminary design is a modernized snake-run and bowl replication of the current bowl, street-course, shade/ shelters, BBQ grills, legit parking, Free, No Pads, Lights, Open 24 hours, and even the original moguls as a monument with a historical placard. Oh, and of course, Team Pain Skateparks will be doing the Design/ Build. Sounds good to me.

There is a meeting tomorrow morning at 9 am at Old City Hall in downtown Tampa to decide whether the Bro Bowl is worthy of a historical designation. If a historical designation is granted, the Bro Bowl can’t be touched and will remain…which means no new park. If you can make it please attend the meeting tomorrow morning and voice your opinion. Old City Hall is located at 315 E. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa. The meeting is on the 3rd floor. – Nicks

Images provided courtesy of Team Pain Skateparks.

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Congratulations Dalton

Congratulations Dalton Dern for taking 3rd Place overall at the King of the Snake in Arvada, Colorado yesterday.

Photo © No Comply Skateboard Mag

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Dalton Dern, Frontside Nosegrind through the deep corner in Lakeland, FL.


Lakeland Skatepark Photos

Got a few more photos from Team Pain Skateparks’ newest park in Lakeland, FL.

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag

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Andrew Reynolds @ SPoT & Lakeland Skatepark Grand Opening

Andrew Reynolds came to town for the Grand Opening Celebration of the new park in his hometown of Lakeland, FL. A lot of local shredders got clips in this one. Enjoy.

Team Pain Skateparks | Lakeland, FL

Got a few shots here from Team Pain Skateparks newest concrete wonderland in Lakeland, FL. The Grand Opening Celebration was this past Saturday…and it was epic. Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the photos from Lakeland later this week on

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Intro | Grand Central Park D.I.Y. – Miami

Sometimes you just have to Do It Yourself…just like they are doing in Miami. Take a look at the “Introduction” video about Miami’s Grand Central Park DIY spot. Quit bitching, get organized, and make it happen. Make sure to check out all of the other videos and subscribe to DIYMIAMI‘s channel while you are there.

Team Pain Skateparks | First Tube: Lakeland, FL

Team Pain Skateparks newest park in Lakeland, FL is officially done and ready for shredding starting at the Grand Opening Celebration this Saturday, May 18th. Check out this First Tube edit of the crew breaking it in.

Team Pain Skateparks | Quality Control #2

Lakeland Quality Control #2 edit from Team Pain Skateparks featuring: Dalton Dern , Kanaan Dern, Jake Welch, Drew Fall, Josue Sanchez, Keith Gibb, Anthony  Furlong, Drew Hoffman, Joe Storm,  and Nick Murphy. The park opens to the public on Saturday, May 18th. Check the “Upcoming Events” page for all of the details.

Team Pain Skateparks | Backyard Crash – Joe Storm

Team Pain Skateparks crew member Joe Storm doing some “Quality Control” work recently in a private backyard project in California.

Photoː Jack Balerud

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Miami Grand Central Park | Homie Edit

Check out this killer little edit of some of the MIA Skateshop crew and friends skating Grand Central Park. Grand Central is a new D.I.Y. project in downtown Miami that has been growing by the day thanks to some generous donations and the hard work of the local skateboarders. Featuring: Johnathan Alvarado, Ariel Alvarado, Rafael Lynch, Lazaro Reyes, Danny Fuenzalida, Jon Baragwanath, Manny Benitez, and more…

Team Pain Skateparks | “Quality Control” Lakeland, FL

The Team Pain Skateparks Concrete Crew put in some “Quality Control” work recently at their latest project in Lakeland, FL. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this park is…you’ll just have to come to the Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, May 18th. Check out more photos of the park here. -Nicks


Film/ Edit by TJ Gaskill

Insta-Gallery | 05.01.13

Several new Instagrams for you this morning. Tag your Instagram photos #nocomplymag.

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Typical Culture x Gullwing Truck Co.

Demon Seed Skateboards rider Keith Baldassare made the trek to California almost a year ago…looks like things are going pretty well. Check out Keith and some of the other Gullwing Truck Co. crew shredding in this Typical Culture x Gullwing Truck Co. edit.

Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark w/ Pedro Delfino and Crew

Pedro Delfino and crew came up from Miami on Saturday for the Spring Roll All Ages Contest at SPoT. On Sunday morning, I caught up with them at Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark as they were en route back to Miami for a quick session and some photos. – Nicks.

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag

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10 Tricks w/ Yoda

Yoda needs no introduction…Demon Seed Skateboards caught up with him recently at Cocoa Beach Skatepark to handle some serious business.

Random Photo 04.26.13


Hunter Hawkinberry, Uphill Frontside Air, Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark, Bradenton, FL. Photo – Henry Fradley


Vendetta Grip | Lazy Afternoon

Vendetta Grip team riders Garret Mantle, Ashton Dohany, and Nick “Mailbox” Murphy spend a Lazy Afternoon at Orlando Skatepark.