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Cosmic Vomit 2 | Blake Carpenter

Blake Carpenter’s part in Cosmic Vomit 2 is completely outta control.

Bert Wootton | Cosmic Vomit 2

Holy shit…Bert Wootton’s part in Cosmic Vomit 2 is sooooo good.

Comune Proudly Welcomes Bert Wootton

Comune proudly welcomes Bert Wootton to the team with a killer re-edit of his Cosmic Vomit 2 part.

Cosmic Vomit 2 Trailer

Here is the trailer for Cosmic Vomit 2, which is coming your way December 20th, 2012. Just one day before the new Creature video and the impending Armageddon. Cosmic Vomit 2 is a skateboarding film documented on VX1000 and VHS cameras featuring the skating of Johan Stuckey, Bert Wootton, Blake Carpenter, Jesse Alba, Nolan Benfield and Bryce Mandel as well as Justin Fuller, Jack Moran and Andrew Considine.