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Creative Loafing’s “Sensory Overload” 2011

Saturday, March 26th, is Creative Loafing’s 6th annual Sensory Overload, which is an evening of art, music, and performance at the Glazer’s Children’s Museum in downtown Tampa. The winners of this year’s “Show Us Your Neighborhood” Photo Contest will be on exhibit at this event. Check out all of the details and purchase tickets here. Tickets are half-off ($5) until March 11th!

Creative Loafing Photo Contest

Creative Loafing just announced their new Photo Contest “Show Us Your Neighborhood”:

“The theme of the contest is Show Us Your Neighborhood. We invite you to focus your cameras on the towns that you know and love (or tolerate bemusedly, or maybe even dislike). Shoot your own, or one you find intriguing. Focus on any aspect of a neighborhood — a house, a block, an event; families, friends, strangers; manmade, natural, urban, rural. Your shot can be posed or candid, closeup or wide-angle, straightforward or abstract, black-and-white or color — just so long as it says something about the corner of Tampa Bay you’ve chosen to portray.”

Submissions will be accepted starting February 1, 2011 and will close on March 3, 2011. The top winners photographs, as well as other selected photos will be published in the Creative Loafing Photo Issue on March 24th and featured in exhibitions at FMOPA and Sensory Overload. Frist Place is $1000! Click here for all of the details.