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Fun City D.I.Y. | Thrasher Mag “Firing Line” – Anthony Schultz

The latest “Firing Line” from Thrasher Mag made possible by The Shop Skateshop filmed by Frank Branca @frankbranca.

Grand Central Park D.I.Y. | “Bum Rush The Spot” – Go Skateboarding Day

Sick little edit of the Go Skateboarding Day edition of Bum Rush The Spot at Miami’s Grand Central Park D.I.Y.

Filmed and Edited by Ismael Gaitan.

SPoT Life | Lakai Team in Tampa Bay

Some of the Lakai team was in Tampa Bay recently hosting the Spring Roll All Ages Contest at SPoT. While they were here Stevie Perez, Sebo Walker, and Miles Silva did a ton of skating. Unfortunately Guy Mariano was injured so he didn’t get to skate. With the SPoT Life crew as their tour guides they skated the new Lakeland park, downtown Tampa, Bradenton Riverwalk park, the Fun City Go-Kart Track D.I.Y. spot, and ended their weekend at the Bro Bowl. Check it.

D.I.Y. Spot Check | Fun City w/ Nick Barwick

Nick Barwick, Pivot Fakie, Fun City D.I.Y. Photo © No Comply Skateboard Mag. Click image to view large.

Nick Barwick, Pivot Fakie, Fun City D.I.Y. Photo © No Comply Skateboard Mag. Click image to view large.

DIY Spot Check | Ship Hull – Part 2

Got a few more photos at the ship hull d.i.y. spot in Sarasota over the weekend. – Nicks

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag

Click on image to view large.

MIA Skateshop | “Heavenly” Pack Release Edit

MIA Skateshop has a killer little edit for the release of their “Heavenly” Pack featuring team riders: Danny Fuenzalida, Ed Selego, Rene Perez, John Baragwanath, and Rafael Lynch.

D.I.Y. Spot Check | Nick Murphy – Ship Hull

I heard about this crazy ship hull d.i.y. spot recently, so on my way back to St. Pete from P(A)yne Skatepark in Sarasota last week, I stopped to scope it out. The hull is actually two huge separate fiberglass pieces, side-by-side. Someone has placed old metal signs, thin plywood, cardboard, and whatever else they could find over the big sketchy seam in the middle to make it at least somewhat ride-able. The walls are tight and steep, there is almost no flat bottom, almost no deck, and just to make it that much sketchier, there is a huge seam that you can see just below the lip in the photo.

So, naturally, the first person that came to my mind when thinking of people I know that would be down for this crazy spot, was my good buddy Nick Murphy. I told Nick about the spot, and a few days later Nick came over from Orlando and we set out on a mission. I’ll just put it this way…mission accomplished, and then some. I couldn’t wait to post one of the photos from the day, so below is the backside boneless that he stomped. Check out the first issue of the print mag in January for the rest of the photos from the day. Cheers. -Nicks

Click on image to view large.

Nick Murphy, Backside Boneless with literally no room for error. Photo © No Comply Skateboard Mag 2012

Quick Clip | Nick Murphy

Nick “Mailbox” Murphy with a Quick Clip on two “recycled” spots…Happy Earth Day…Skate Everything!

Filmed & Edited by Nick Nicks.

D.I.Y. Spot: Nick Murphy (Part II)

Rock N' Roll Slide.

Feeble Grind.

Monty Grind (a.k.a. Backside Smith)

Backside Tailslide.

Here are the rest of the photos of Nick absolutely owning this spot that was clearly built by and for bikers.

D.I.Y. Spot: Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy recently told me about a jersey-barrier d.i.y. spot that he had heard about and thought it would make for some good photos. So, after the Go Skateboarding Day contest/bbq at OSP, we headed over to check it out. As we rolled up to the spot and got a close-up view of  how chunky and gnarly it was (see photo above)…I thought for sure we were just going to turn around and leave. I was wrong. Nick is one of the most positive and determined people I know, and I should have known that he would find a way to skate something that most people would say was unskateable. The above Backside 5-0 photo was just the beginning of an all out assault that Nick put down on this ridiculous spot.

Shooting photos of Nick going so hard on this spot was a perfect way to end Go Skateboarding Day 2011. More photos tomorrow, and video from the contest/ bbq at OSP should be up on Thursday. – Nicks.

Miami D.I.Y.

Here is a smooth little clip of Think Skateboards Pro and MIA Skateshop rider, Danny Fuenzalida, shredding a nice little D.I.Y spot in Miami. Filmed and Edited by Mikey Bueso.

“Sea Level”: Fritz Mead & Pool Riders

Take a look at 1031 Skateboards team rider Fritz Mead destroying everything in his path in Sea Level! Elliot Vecchia and Chris Fiftal put together Sea Level which is full of Boston/ East Coast underground shredders…pick up a copy of the dvd for your collection of independent skateboarding films here. Check out all kinds of sick East Coast skateboarding from Elliot over at Elliot’s Extras and some really nice D.I.Y./ Artist Series apparel at Chris Fifital’s Emulsion Apparel.