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“The Amazon”: Webisode 6 – “Manaus”

Skateboarder Magazine released webisode 6 of “The Amazon” documentary series today. Today’s webisode entitled “Manaus” finds the crew in the large city of Manaus, located in the middle of the Amazon and the rainforest. They are very pleased to find that Manaus has, what seems like, an endless supply of good skate spots. But, after a long day of skating and filming, the guys decide to go check out some waterfalls with some locals…and that’s when things get interesting.

“The Amazon” – Webisode 4 “Slow Boat to Santarem”

If you have not yet checked out any of Skateboarder Magazine’s documentary series “The Amazon”…I highly recommend that you do so. Today marked the release of webisode number 4 of 6, entitled “Slow Boat to Santarem”. This webisode finds the crew boarding a ship for an 800 mile trek up the river to the city of Santarem, and the adventure that ensues. New webisodes are posted every Monday, and they can all be viewed here if you need to get caught up.


 Also, the story and the incredible photos from the trip are in the new February/ March 2011 issue of Skateboarder Magazine, which is available now.

Skateboarding in the Amazon!?!?

Take a look at this trailer for Skateboarder Magazine’s “The Amazon: Documentary Series”. Photographer Johnathan Mehring and Filmmaker Josh Stewart (Welcome to MIA) traveled to the Amazon with Jack Sabback, Jake Johnson, Clint Peterson, Raymond Molinar, Adelmo JR., and Kenny Anderson back in the spring of 2010 on a skateboarding mission. The documentary captures 3 weeks of skateboarding and all of the other “adventures” they encountered while travelling down the Amazon without any idea of what was in store for them. The entire series is broken into 6 webisodes, with webisode #1 available Monday on The launch of the webisodes also runs in conjunction with the release of the new issue of Skateboarder Magazine which features senior photographer Johnathan Mehring’s amazing photo story of the entire trip!