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SPoT 20 Year Experience | Episode 5 – Andy Roy

As you can imagine, Andy Roy has some gnarly stories about his experiences in Tampa in RIDE Channel’s Episode 5 of SPoT “20” Year Experience.

Element “Make It Count” @ Midtown Skatepark

Highlights from the Element 2012 Make It Count Contest stop @ Midtown Skatepark in Orlando.  Garrett Miller, the overall winner, will join all the other contest stop winners from around the world at the Element YMCA Skate Camp in August, and on a trip to The Berrics.

Final Results:
Zone 1
13 and under – Chris Noel
14 and up – Jon Scianneaux
Zone 2
13 and under – Trey Selvester
14 and up – Garrett Miller
Zone 3
13 and under – Trout Miller
14 and up – Bert Wooton
Overall Winner
Garrett Miller

Old Nick Murphy Footage

Speaking of Nick Murphy and Anthony Shetler, peep this video from a few years back of a mini-ramp contest at Skater’s Edge in their home state of Massachusetts. Nick took 2nd place in the contest and won a little bit of cash. The video also feature a couple of other dudes you may have heard of…Brandon Westgate and Donny Barley.

Element “Drop Spot” Event @ OSP

Carlos Leon’s 40″ Ollie was enough to win the “High Ollie” Contest.

Connor Askew’s Frontside Nosebluntslide all the way through the corner and across this ledge won the “Best Trick” Contest.

Ricky Vipperman’s buttery Frontside Flip was good enough for a bunch of free swag.

What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Donny Barley, Element Skateboards, and Johnny King @ Orlando Skatepark for making it happen.

Event Reminder: Element Contest and Skate Jam @ Orlando Skatepark is TODAY!

TODAY @ Orlando Skatepark is the Element Drop Spot High Ollie Contest, Best Trick and Skate Jam. This event is FREE and gets under way at 3 pm. Donny Barley will be there shredding and there will be a ton of FREE Element product! Get there!