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Collective Behavior – Premiere Promo

Collective Behavior, a new full-length skateboarding film from Tyler and Ryan Lodzinski out of central Florida is premiering Saturday, June 6th, 8:30 pm at Metro Skate Academy in Orlando, FL. Featuring: Kenny Day, Ryan Lodzinski, Drew Fall, David Kahn, Caleb Hook, Connor Askew, Tyler Lodzinski, Garret Mantle and Sean Smith. Check out the promo below.

First and Last.

Word is that this killer DIY spot in Orlando is slated to be demolished next week. Bummer. At least Riley Payne put together this rad little edit for us all to enjoy. Featuring: Jean Aguilar, Drew Fall, Carson Flanagan, Travis Grant, Zane Pineo Grant, Dustin Drakesmith, Tom Ball, and Tanner Tinsley.

Midtown Skatepark | Clip of the Week #19 – Drew “Timothy” Fall- Local

Midtown Skatepark’s Clip of the Week #19 features local ripper Drew “Timothy” Fall. I noticed that there were a couple of “Dislikes” on this clip’s YouTube page…those are clearly mistakes because there isn’t a damn thing to “Dislike” about this clip.

Maybach Music Group @ Midtown Skate Park

Riley Payne has a new Midtown Skatepark edit for your viewing pleasure. This one features: Riley Payne, Drew Fall, Jean Aguilar, Greason Collazo, Trey Sylvester, Kyle Bean, Garret Miller, Jake “Poptart” Welch, and Adrian Fullerton.

Filmed and Edited by Riley Payne