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Element “Drop Spot” Event @ OSP

Carlos Leon’s 40″ Ollie was enough to win the “High Ollie” Contest.

Connor Askew’s Frontside Nosebluntslide all the way through the corner and across this ledge won the “Best Trick” Contest.

Ricky Vipperman’s buttery Frontside Flip was good enough for a bunch of free swag.

What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Donny Barley, Element Skateboards, and Johnny King @ Orlando Skatepark for making it happen.

Orlando Skatepark Contest!

Be sure to get over to Orlando Skatepark for this contest next Saturday, December 11th, sponsored by Element Drop Spot Skate Obstacles! Orlando Skatepark is one of the best skateparks in Florida and their events are always a good time! If you think you’ve got the POP step up to the High Ollie Contest!