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Strange Notes | “5 & 5 w/ Evan Smith”

Strange Notes has a killer 5 & 5 with Evan Smith at the Maitland Brick Quarters.

Criteria For Failure | Matt Fink

Matt Fink’s full part in Criteria For Failure is really good. Peep it.

Skateboarder Magazine | 2013 Tampa Pro Finals & Luan Oliveira’s Winning Run

Skateboarder Magazine has a killer edit of the 2013 Tampa Pro Finals and Luan Oliveira’s winning run.

DC Shoes | The Evan Smith Experience

This obviously needs no introduction. Evan Smith just joined the professional world of skateboarding. He has one of the most creative and unique styles I have ever seen. Sit back and enjoy…The Evan Smith Experience. – Nicks.

Evan Smith


Evan Smith just joined the professional ranks over at Element Skateboards and DC Shoes is dropping The Evan Smith Experience online on March 21st. The Evan Smith Experience is a new full-length part from Evan and Midtown Skatepark in Orlando, FL is premiering it a couple of days early. Tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 19th from 6-9 p.m. The Evan Smith Experience Video Premiere & Skate Jam. Until then, get hyped on the trailer (below) as well as Midtown Skatepark’s latest Clip of the Week featuring Evan.

What it [dot] be | Evan Smith Interview

What it [dot] be has a killer interview and a quick clip with Evan Smith.


Evan Smith & CJ Dixon Skate Flushing Meadows

Evan Smith & CJ Dixon get in a quick sesh at the infamous Flushing Meadows Gap in Queens.

Filmed and Edited by Colin Clark.

Strange Notes | Un Momento w/ Evan Smith

Strange Notes spent Un Momento with Evan Smith at the 2012 Tampa Am. Featuring guest appearances by Chris Blake and Shaun Hale.

2012 Tampa Am | Nassim Guammaz Sequence

No doubt you have heard by now that Alec Majerus won the 2012 Tampa Am. Nassim Guammaz, who came in 4th place, won “Best Style” in my book. – Nicks.

Click on image to view sequence.

Nassim Guammaz, Fakie Ollie to Fakie 50-50

Nassim Guammaz, Fakie Ollie to Fakie 50-50


Matt Fink in HD

Everyone’s favorite Jacksonvillian, Matt Fink in HD…

Filmed and Edited by Chris Jolly

Element “Future Nature” Video Premiere @ Schoolyard Skatepark

Future Nature is the brand new Am video from Element Skateboards featuring: Boo Johnson, Nick Garcia, Julian Davidson, Madars Apse, and Evan Smith. Judging by the trailer (see below), the video is sure to be a good one! Anyway, Future Nature is available worldwide on May, 1st, but you can see it on Sunday, April 29th @ Schoolyard Skatepark/ Westside Skateshop in St. Petersburg. The video premiere is at 4pm, but there is a Best Trick Contest that gets underway at 1 pm. Sounds like a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

The Cinematographer Project | Evan Smith

Evan Smith’s new part from Transworld Skateboarding’s The Cinematographer Project, filmed & edited by Chris Ray, is absolutely mind-blowing. Check it here:

Element “Make It Count” @ Midtown Skatepark

Highlights from the Element 2012 Make It Count Contest stop @ Midtown Skatepark in Orlando.  Garrett Miller, the overall winner, will join all the other contest stop winners from around the world at the Element YMCA Skate Camp in August, and on a trip to The Berrics.

Final Results:
Zone 1
13 and under – Chris Noel
14 and up – Jon Scianneaux
Zone 2
13 and under – Trey Selvester
14 and up – Garrett Miller
Zone 3
13 and under – Trout Miller
14 and up – Bert Wooton
Overall Winner
Garrett Miller

Element @ SPoT

Element session and Best Trick Contest at SPoT with Nyjah Huston, Levi Brown, and Evan Smith.

Evan Smith on Element!

Orlando, Florida’s own Evan Smith is officially on Element Skateboards…peep the welcome video here. Evan rips with his own unique style and will be a perfect fit on the Element roster!

Element “Drop Spot” Event @ OSP

Carlos Leon’s 40″ Ollie was enough to win the “High Ollie” Contest.

Connor Askew’s Frontside Nosebluntslide all the way through the corner and across this ledge won the “Best Trick” Contest.

Ricky Vipperman’s buttery Frontside Flip was good enough for a bunch of free swag.

What a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Donny Barley, Element Skateboards, and Johnny King @ Orlando Skatepark for making it happen.

Event Reminder: Element Contest and Skate Jam @ Orlando Skatepark is TODAY!

TODAY @ Orlando Skatepark is the Element Drop Spot High Ollie Contest, Best Trick and Skate Jam. This event is FREE and gets under way at 3 pm. Donny Barley will be there shredding and there will be a ton of FREE Element product! Get there!

Tampa News Reporter Crushes Kid on Skateboard at Skatepark of Tampa Summer Skate Camp

I know this is old news, but it is nice to know that this kid is doing ok several months later. What was this dude thinking? By the way, the the timing is perfect because there is a Skate Camp at the Skatepark of Tampa on December 20th & 27th. The camp is presented by Element Skateboards, run by Wizard Smoke, and includes lunch, skateboarding lessons, a tour of the Skatepark of Tampa’s inner workings, and more. Hopefully Fox 13 isn’t planning on doing another morning show piece on it!

Orlando Skatepark Contest!

Be sure to get over to Orlando Skatepark for this contest next Saturday, December 11th, sponsored by Element Drop Spot Skate Obstacles! Orlando Skatepark is one of the best skateparks in Florida and their events are always a good time! If you think you’ve got the POP step up to the High Ollie Contest!