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Concrete Skateparks for GT Bray and Blackstone

A few weeks ago, the Bradenton City Council voted unanimously to approve the final proposal of the Riverwalk Project, which includes a concrete skatepark. Now that the ball is rolling in the right direction with that park, its time to turn the focus on two existing Manatee County skate parks. GT Bray and Blackstone are not proper skate parks. These skate parks are perfect examples of what happens when the city or the county doesn’t consult with the local skateboarders and include them in the design process to build them a park that they actually want to skate. Unfortunately, this kind of “slapping a bunch of pre-fab ramps on an old tennis court or roller-hockey rink” crap happens all the time. What you are left with is a park with no flow and limited options that skaters are easily bored with…a waste of time and money! So, to start, let’s show Manatee County that these two skateparks need to be updated to adequate concrete skateparks. Join the Concrete Skate Parks For GT Bray and Blackstone Facebook page and get involved! Make sure to check the facebook page and No Comply Magazine often for updates as this moves along. Next…Pinellas County skate parks!

Team Pain Skatepark in Bradenton? Let’s Make It Happen!

The City of Bradenton is in the process of putting the final touches on its design proposal for the “Riverwalk” project which aims to revitalize the downtown Bradenton area. According to Mike Kennedy, Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority, in this article on recently, “…key components of the final design likely will be a lighted walkway under the Green Bridge, a family zone featuring a children’s water feature at Rossi Park, and a playground and possibly a SKATE PARK and sand volleyball courts near the DeSoto Bridge”. Hopefully, we will know whether the project is approved or not by the end of January. In the meantime, we need all of the public support that we can get! The first thing that everyone can do to get involved is join the Team Pain Skatepark for Bradenton Facebook Group. Get in there, join the discussions, and get involved! Let’s do this! Check back often for updates on the status of the “Riverwalk” project.