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Nude Bowl | The Yard 2015

Pedro Delfino is currently in California with his homies destroying shit. Nude Bowl and The Yard get the treatment in this edit from Kaylanne Diaz. Also featuring: Jamie Foy, Felipe Gouveia, and James Neveils.


Shmontage is a killer little montage of a whole slew of up-and-coming southern Florida shredders. Featuring Elliot Suchman, Joey Conn, Billy Burke, Mikey Desiderio, Robbie Johnston, RJ Cassavitis, Paul Pirkkala, Felipe Gouveia, Alex Walters, Jesse Rosen, Austin Schultz, Omari Moench, Sergio Ochoa, Nibbla Passed Out, Anthony Garcia, Jack Hoppe, Ryan Ward, Charlie Cassidy, Chris Freistat, & Daniel Arias. Filmed and Edited by Kaylanne Diaz.