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Eight & Sand

Eight & Sand is an amazing new film from Riley Blakeway shot entirely on Kodak 16MM film. Presented by Monster Children and Nike SB,  Eight & Sand features Daryl Angel and Nick Boserio on a recent west coast skate trip. Great stuff…

EIGHT & SAND from Monster Children on Vimeo.

KKR’s Korner | Fun City DIY

Kyle Randall sent over these rad photos from a quick session at the Fun City DIY spot on Tuesday. Kyle shot all of these photos on 35mm film…very refreshing to see.

Click on image to view large.

Idiosyncratic | Premiere Promo

Idiosyncratic is an independent skateboard film by Troy Vetri featuring Dalton Dern, Ben Eubank, Chad Poore, Josh Baker, Eric Testerman, Kevin Campbell, Taylor McCrary, Chris Puerta, Ryan Mickelson, Nick Babich, Austin Griffith, Salomon Cardenas and many more. Premiering August 24th at Midtown Skatepark. Stay tuned for all of the details.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity is a new independent full length video from Chris James out of south Florida. Featuring: Zac Gracie, Travis Ehrlund, Jonathan Ettman, James Coleman, Jimmy Mastrocolo, Derek Mclean, Troy Betances. Support local skateboarding and pick up a copy of the dvd at

In The Cut | Josh Miller

Josh Miller’s full part from In The Cut, an independent full-length out of Ft. Myers, FL from Marshall Nicholson & Daniel Frank.

Florida Daze 2 Official Promo

Check out the first official promo for Florida Daze 2, the upcoming independent full-length out of south Florida.Featuring: Chris Boylan, John Dilorenzo, Evan Hamel, Logan Henderson, Mike Magalhaes, Zion Wright , Mike Glover, and more.

Filmed and Edited by Mike Glover

Additional Filming by David Stoessel and Pang

FINE (Full Video)

FINE is a full-length from David Stoessel featuring post-SPREADtheGOOD footage used in other projects, as well as all new footage. Full parts from Dylan Perry, Kevin Shealy, a shared part from Tyler Bolar and Travis Ehrlund, and a ripping friends section.

Filmed and Edited by David Stoessel

Midtown Skatepark | Clip of the Week #21 – Jesse Turley – Homie

Clip of the Week #21 out of Midtown Skatepark goes to Jesse Turley.

SPoT “10 Tricks and Two Cents” | Dylan Perry

Dylan Perry is the latest to get in his 10 Tricks and Two Cents over at Skatepark of Tampa.

Clip of the Week #6 | Mat Call

This week’s Clip of the Week features Demon Seed Skateboards all-terrain vehicle Mat Call ollieing off the roof into the bowl at the Baldassare Compound.

Filmed and Edited by Nick Nicks.

Midtown After-Hours Sesh With Willie Wilson

Willie Wilson and TJ Harris with an after-hours sesh at Midtown Skatepark.

Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez

“Are We Done Yet?” Promo

Are We Done Yet? is a full-length video by Liam Jordan featuring some raw street talent out of the Sarasota/ Englewood/ North Port areas of Florida. Ryan Beckford, Ryan Skorker, and Christian Lazarski are blowing up the scene down there. Look for full parts from all three of these dudes in the final video…in the meantime, check out the promo  posted below. Keep an eye out for a premiere sometime in the beginning of 2012 at Compound Boardshop in Sarasota.

The Bro Bowl “30 Years of Tampa Concrete”

I can’t even begin to describe how stoked I am on this. The Bro Bowl has been such an important part of my life for over 20 years now. ..I’ve got so many stories, good & bad, I wouldn’t even know where to start. The point is that the Bro Bowl is a very important & historical part of skateboarding, not just in Florida, but worldwide! This documentary is really impressive. I suggest cracking open a cold one and sitting back for 45 minutes to enjoy it. – Nicks.

From: EyeSpliceCreative

561 to NYC: John Clayton and Mike Rosa

John Clayton and Mike Rosa’s part from 561 to NYC. DVD’s of 561 to NYC available soon over at Mandible Claw

Pensacola Video Magazine Issue 3 (PenVM 3)

Damn…these guys are holding it down up in the panhandle! Pensacola Video Magazine proudly presents PenVM 3, featuring full parts from Brenten Riley, Chris Coogan, Spencer Turk, Tristan Anderson, Jackson McBride, David Lank, Jason Gallagher, Dan Devaeu and footage of many more Pensacola locals. PenVM 3 is the third independent skateboard film from Mark Furches and Thomas Rolinger, and judging by the trailer, it’s going to be a killer! There is a PenVM 3 Premiere at the Silver Screen Theatre in Pensacola on June 24th at 11:00pm and admission is $5. If you are in the area, show your support for the local and independent skateboarding scene in Florida, and get to this. In the meantime, peep the trailer:

Egg Hunt…

Not only was Real Skateboards newest video Since Day One an epic video as far as the skating goes, but the soundtrack was amazing also! Here is the entire soundtrack list courtesy of

In Memory of Johnny Romano Leatherface – Not A Day Goes By
Intro #1 Knightsbridge – Streets of San Francisco
Intro #2 Minor Threat – Salad Days
James Hardy Molly Hatchet – Flirting With Disaster
Jake Donnelly Too $hort – Blow The Whistle
Alex Perelson Joy Division – The Drawback
Davis Torgerson Brian Eno & John Cale – Lay My Love
Ernie Torres & Nick Dompierre Steel Mill – Treadmill
Keith Hufnagel Tommy Guerrero – Yerna Buena Bump
Keith Hufnagel #2 The Nerves – Hanging on the Telephone
Chima Ferguson Cass McCombs – She’s Still Suffering
Kyle Walker & Antoine Asselin Public Enemy – Can’t Do Nuttin’ for Ya, Man!
Justin Brock George Thorogood – Move It On Over
Justin Brock #2 Gangstas – Boyz N Da Hood Ft. Eazy-E
JT Aultz Egg Hunt – We All Fall Down
Massimo Cavideoni & Robbie Brockel The Stooges – Down On The Street
Ishod Wair Tommy Guerrero & Monte Vallier – The Drain
Ishod Wair #2 James Brown – Get On The Good Foot
Max Schaaf The Dutchess and the Duke – Reservoir Park
Peter Ramondetta Exodus – Only Death Decides
Dennis Busenitz Intro Brian Eno – Here Come The Warm Jets
Dennis Busenitz The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner
Credits Tommy Guerrero – The Paramour and the Pugilist

Such a perfect diverse list of tunes for such a diverse group of amazing skateboarders. Having grown up skating and listening to punk rock in the 80’s and 90’s, I was especially stoked to hear Minor Threat and Egg Hunt in the soundtrack! For those of you who are not familiar with Egg Hunt, it was an experimental side project started by Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat and John Loder, the owner of England’s Southern Studios. The band was formed in 1986 on Easter weekend, hence the name Egg Hunt, and their only release ever was a 2-song, self-titled 7″. Every year at Easter time I listen to Egg Hunt as a tradition, so hearing We All Fall Down was especially nostalgic for me this year…a little early. -Nicks.

561 to NYC: Intro & New York Section

This is the first part of Colin Read’s 561 to NYC. Full-Length DVD and online release are dropping soon…stay tuned to Mandible Claw for all of the updates and info.

“Commit or Quit” Promo #1

This is the first of a series of promos that will coming out this year for Commit or Quit, an independent skateboarding film by Nathan Glenn, Scott Kramer, and Ricky Lester. Commit or Quit will highlight all of the raw underground talent that exists in the central Florida skateboarding scene. Make sure to follow the Commit or Quit Blog for all of the updates.

“Sea Level”: Fritz Mead & Pool Riders

Take a look at 1031 Skateboards team rider Fritz Mead destroying everything in his path in Sea Level! Elliot Vecchia and Chris Fiftal put together Sea Level which is full of Boston/ East Coast underground shredders…pick up a copy of the dvd for your collection of independent skateboarding films here. Check out all kinds of sick East Coast skateboarding from Elliot over at Elliot’s Extras and some really nice D.I.Y./ Artist Series apparel at Chris Fifital’s Emulsion Apparel.

SpreadtheGood: Dylan Perry

Damn! Dylan Perry rips! Check out his part in the new film by David Stoessel, SPREADtheGOOD. This video looks sick…pick up a copy here.

Brad Cromer in “Holy Cow”

Check out Floridian shredder Brad Cromer’s part in Holy Cow, an independent film by Brandon Kuzma. When you’re finished with that, take a look at more of Brandon’s great work here.

561 to NYC

561 to NYC is the latest independent film from Colin Read, the mastermind behind Mandible Claw. Just like Mandible Claw, 561 to NYC is guaranteed to be another underground east coast killer. Floridians like Jimmy Lannon, Johan Stuckey, and Billy Rohan will be representing the Sunshine State with some serious shredding. 561 to NYC will be premiering in Gainesville, Florida on April 15th and in Stuart, Florida at 561 Skate Shop on the 16th. Check the Mandible Claw Blog for all of the details.

Check out the teaser: