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ADHD: A Cellphone Video

Mike Heikkila shot ADHD: A Cellphone Video entirely on a myTouch 4G and an iPhone 4. Everything about the video is brilliant: the soundtrack, the spot selection, the angles, the technique, etc. Not to mention the skating, which comes to you courtesy of some of Orlando’s finest: Alex Elder, John Stowe, Dan Delanois, Bert Wootton, Chris Blake, and Evan Smith. Proper all the way around…now sit back and enjoy!

Oh yeah, Mike also kills the photography game as well. Check out his work here.

Filmed and Edited by Mike Heikkila.

Phone Montage Two

Orlando local Brian “Yoda” Upapong filmed this entire montage with his Samsung Galaxy Smartphone! Phone Montage Two features a ton of Florida rippers including: Jacob Watikins, Freddie Tan, Sam Bianchini, Pete Taylor, Jake ‘Poptart’ Welch, Dalton Dern, Kanaan Dern, BB Hamilton, Brian Ortiz, Marlon Moreno, Mike Wine, Garret Mantle, Kevin Perez, Bryan Pederson, Chris Blake, KillaCam, David Kahn, Paul Hurtado, and Keith Baldassare.