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Skateboarding at Night | “Night Lights” & “Midnight Mannies”

While you were sleeping…Night Lights from Marshall Nicholson and Midnight Mannies from Stephen Buggica

FM Park Montage

FM Park features local Ft. Myers rippers shredding the Brotherhood park.

Filmed and Edited by Marshall Nicholson

Dirty The Moocher

Dirty The Moocher is collection of skateboarding footage featuring Josh Miller, Nolan Blanchard, Elio Hernandez, Matt Zetts, Tons, Tony Manfre, Tory Hereford, and Shay.

Filmed and Edited by Marshall Nicholson

Nick Zizzo on Stacks

Fort Myers, Florida’s own Nick Zizzo is officially on Stacks, check out the proper “Welcome” video. Nick has been a busy dude lately, in addition to his Stacks intro, he has a very entertaining interview over on the Skateboarder Magazine site, clips in the teaser for the upcoming Super Brand video (See Below), and he is also working on a part for the Florida homies Cruizees.

Time Capsule Thursdays: Elissa Steamer

This week’s Time Capsule Thursdays features another gem of a part from FM2. Elissa Steamer needs no introduction…check it out.

Filmed and Edited by Rob Hoovis.

Time Capsule Thursdays: Ed and Matt Selego

It’s been a while since we did a Time Capsule Thursdays feature, so when I stumbled upon this clip recently I figured it was time to do a new one. This is a part that Ed and Matt Selego shared in an independent film, FM2, that was produced, filmed, and edited by Rob Hoovis about 10 years ago. Rob came up skating in the Ft. Myers scene with a crew that consisted of Matt Milligan, Allen Russell, Elissa Steamer, and others. Ed and Matt Selego were from Tampa, but the Tampa and Ft. Myers crews spent a lot of time skating together. Enjoy.

Filmed/ Edited by Rob Hoovis