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Florida Daze 2 | Full Video

Florida Daze 2 is a killer independent full-length from Mikey Glover featuring south Florida rippers: Chris Boylan, Derick Glancy, Evan Hamel, John Dilorenzo, Logan Henderson, Mike Magalhaes, Mikey Glover, Zion Wright, and more…Enjoy.

Idiosyncratic | Ben Eubank

Ben Eubank’s full part from Troy Vetri’s new full-length Idiosyncratic rips…support local skateboarding and pick up a copy of the DVD HERE.

Soft Hoagie Rolls “Coming of Age” | Dan Harper & Curtains

Dan Harper ended Soft Hoagie Rolls new full-length Coming of Age with one hell of a part. Enjoy!

Soft Hoagie Rolls | “Now That’s What I Call Spring Hill Vol. 11 ” & “Lonely in Red”

Got a couple of new edits here for you from Soft Hoagie Rolls leading up to the release of their new full length video Coming of Age.

Criteria For Failure | Matt Fink

Matt Fink’s full part in Criteria For Failure is really good. Peep it.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity is a new independent full length video from Chris James out of south Florida. Featuring: Zac Gracie, Travis Ehrlund, Jonathan Ettman, James Coleman, Jimmy Mastrocolo, Derek Mclean, Troy Betances. Support local skateboarding and pick up a copy of the dvd at

Sequel | Teaser #2

Teaser #2 for Sequel, the upcoming full-length from Kevin Perez. Featuring full parts from Bert Wootton and Chris Blake.

Ben Eubank “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Ben Eubank’s “throwaway” footy from Idiosyncratic, a full-length in the works from Troy Vetri.

Quality of Quantity Promo #2

Promo #2 for Quality of Quantity, a new full-length in the works from Chris James. Look for full parts from Zac Gracie, Nick Zizzo, Derek McLean, Troy Betances, Travis Ehrlund, James Coleman, and Jimmy Mastrocolo.

The Fla Story 2 | Full Video

The Fla Story 2 is full of Tampa Bay area rippers.

Filmed and Edited by Cam Simon.