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Goat Ramp Demo | Stuart, FL

Recent Goat Ramp demo in Stuart, FL featuring some of central Florida’s finest: Dalton Dern, Timmy Knuth, Garrett Miller, Yoda, and Nick Murphy.

Filmed and Edited by TJ Gaskill.

Future 6/ Goat Ramp Contest

Here is sick recap of the shredding that went down last Sunday at Future 6 Clothing’s Diamondz 2011 Mini Ramp Skate Comp at Club Ember in downtown Orlando. Of course the Goat Ramp was there to make it all possible. Filmed and Edited by TJ Gaskill.

To Do This Weekend

Once again, there is a bunch of stuff going on all over the state this weekend:

Friday, May 13th: Sanity Through Creativity at the Studio @ 620 in St. Petersburg.

Saturday, May 14th: 2nd Annual BBQ Bash benfiting Grind For Life, featuring the 32′ wide Goat Ramp, in Lake Worth, FL, Will Skate For Money Contest & Cookout at Mike Blakenship Skate Park in Tallahassee, FL presented by Funky Planet Sk850, Del The Funky Homosapien at P(a)yne Skate Park in Sarasota, FL.

Sunday, May 15th: Slacken Sundays BBQ at Flipside Skateshop in Coral Springs, FL.

Make sure you stay up to date with all of the killer events going on around the state, the “Florida Skateboarding Events” and “Music & Art” pages are constantly being updated!

To Do This Weekend

There is a bunch of stuff going on this weekend: Founder’s Day Goat Ramp Jam at Catalyst Melbourne, Butter Bench Contest at The Shop in Hollywood, Florida, and 2 For 2: 2 Artists & 2 Bands at The Bricks in Ybor. Be sure to check the “Florida Skateboarding Events” and “Music & Art” Pages frequently, as they are constantly being updated with all of the upcoming events!

Poptart Sequences

Here are a couple of sequences of Jake “Poptart” Welch shredding the Goat Ramp last Saturday in Sarasota at the Take Over.
 Click on image to view sequence:

Kickflip Backside Disaster.

Fingerflip Lien to Disaster.

Goat Ramp Demo at the Take Over

The Goat Ramp demo at the Take Over in Sarasota on Saturday was sick! Such good times, good vibes, and the skateboarding was next-level! Big shout-outs to the Demon Seed Skateboards crew, the P(a)yne Skate Park crew, and everybody else that showed up to shred and have a good time! See you guys next weekend at the 3rd Annual Ghetto Bowl Bash!
Click photo to view large: 

Nick Murphy, Pivot to Fakie.

Tillman Hazelton, Backside Boneless.

Keith Baldassare, Judo over the hip.

Nick Murphy, Blunt to Fakie.

Poptart, Frontside Air over the hip.

Nick Murphy, Big Frontside Air over the gap.

Jake Ilardi, Frontside Air over the hip.

Jake Ilardi, Kickflip to Fakie.

Nick Murphy, Boneless from High to Low.

Mat Call, Oliie up to Smith.

Jay Turner, Frontside 5-0.

Mat Call, Ollie to Backside Disaster over the hip.

TJ Sparks, Frontside Smith Grind.

Jay Turner, Frontside Ollie.

Nico Mitsakos, Blunt to Fakie

BBQ, Ollie from Low to High with a tail tap.

Mat Call, Frontside Alley-Oop from Low to High.

Jared, Huge Frontside Flip.

Poptart, Frontside Air from Low to High.

TJ Sparks, Ollie in from High to Low.

Goat Ramp Demo @ Maui Nix

If you happen to find yourself in Daytona Beach tomorrow, defintitely make sure to check out the Goat Ramp Demo at Maui Nix! Demon Seeders Mat Call, Keith Baldassare, and Nick Murphy will be there planting their Demon Seeds as usual. FREE BBQ, Shredding Demo, Product Toss, and the legendary Tony Alva will be hanging out!

Coming to Sarasota in April – “The Take Over”

Coming April 23rd to the Sarasota Fairgrounds“The Take Over” is a festival “combining a variety of live music, Electronic Music Lounge Dj’s. Live Graffiti, Skateboarding and BMX Demos, Theatre Performances, an Affordable Contemporary Art Market, a Petting Zoo, Mobile Arcade and a ton of other family-friendly activities…”


Daytona Winter Jam 2011

If you are in the Daytona area this weekend, get over to the Winter Jam Festival! The Demon Seed crew will be there shredding the Goat Ramp along with Mike Peterson, Tim Johnson, Timmy Knuth, Anthony Furlong, and many more Florida rippers! 2 days of Skating, Live Music, Bikinis, and more…gotta love Florida in February.

Demon Seed Skateboards Goat Ramp “Hell Sesh”

Check out this video of the Demon Seed Skateboards “Hell Sesh” that took place over the weekend on the Goat Ramp in the West Palm Beach area!