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Idiosyncratic | Ben Eubank

Ben Eubank’s full part from Troy Vetri’s new full-length Idiosyncratic rips…support local skateboarding and pick up a copy of the DVD HERE.

Idiosyncratic | Premiere Promo

Idiosyncratic is an independent skateboard film by Troy Vetri featuring Dalton Dern, Ben Eubank, Chad Poore, Josh Baker, Eric Testerman, Kevin Campbell, Taylor McCrary, Chris Puerta, Ryan Mickelson, Nick Babich, Austin Griffith, Salomon Cardenas and many more. Premiering August 24th at Midtown Skatepark. Stay tuned for all of the details.

Austin Griffith | “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Austin Griffith’s throwaway footy from Troy Vetri’s upcoming video Idiosyncratic is super good.

Josh Baker | “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Josh Baker’s throwaway footy from the upcoming full-length Idiosyncratic.

Filmed and Edited by Troy Vetri.

Ben Eubank “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

Ben Eubank’s “throwaway” footy from Idiosyncratic, a full-length in the works from Troy Vetri.

Nick Babich “Idiosyncratic” Throwaway

It is always such a pleasure to see unique, creative, and refreshing styles in skateboarding. Nick Babich definitely has a style unlike anyone else. Look for a full part from Nick in Troy Vetri’s upcoming full-length Idiosyncratic…in the meantime, enjoy this throwaway footage.