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Welcome to $lave: Ben Raybourn

Ben Raybourn is an animal…and he is also $lave‘s newest Pro.

Dan Nepscha Pro for 1031

Dan Nepscha is now pro for 1031 Skateboards.

Dan Nepscha “Skate 4 Change” Video Part

Vox Footwear just released this promo video of 1031 Skateboards and Landshark Wheels rider Dan Nepscha ripping! Frontside 180 Fakie Nosegrind to body varial out on that giant hubba…are you kidding me?!?!

Joey Pepper “Remix”

Joey Pepper rules!

Mike Vallely and Airwalk Reunite

I thought that this “Industry News” was especially appropriate today since it is “Time Capsule Thursday”. Mike Vallely is once again wearing Airwalk shoes…check the official press release here. Not quite sure what to think about this. Anyway, apparently it also happens to be Airwalk’s 25th Anniversary and in celebration of that milestone they are going to be doing some limited edition re-releases of classic Airwalk shoes, including the Enigma model shown below.


$75 seems a bit pricey, but maybe there are some hardcore collectors that are chomping at the bit to get a pair of these.

Press Release: Ben Raybourn let go from 1031 & Landshark

Last week, 1031 Skateboards pro Ben Raybourn quit to ride for Slave and was let go from Landshark Wheels, all in the same day. As a result, all of Raybourn’s decks are on sale over at the Regulator Distribution On-line Store for $27!

Here is the official press release:

Swoooooosh! Remember that sound? Thats right, its the sound of that toilet flushing again! In all seriousness though, We are here to announce that our little buddy Ben Raybourn is leaving 1031. At the same time he is also being let go from Landshark wheels. A quitting and a kick off all in one!? Weird right? Could be a first? Anyways, nothing ugly went down, we are all still friends. Ben is a great skateboarder and and even better person. And with that being said, as friends we support him in his decisions and wish him all the best!
Now is the time for you to hit the message boards! For the rest of us, we’ll be out skating!
We march forward.

Regulator Distribution

eS Skateboarding Welcomes Josh Matthews

This is definitely some of the best skateboarding footage I have seen recently. eS Skateboarding welcomes Josh Matthews to the team with 4 minutes of really solid, smooth, and uniquely refreshing skateboarding…I’ve watched this clip 3 times already. The last trick of the video is just absolutely ridiculous, but I’ve got to say, even though it is a much easier trick there was something about the simplicity of the Fakie 50-50 to BS Half-Cab out @ 0:44 that really just set the tone for the whole video clip. eS Skateboarding also has a great interview with Josh with a bunch of photos on their site right now.

Chris Cole on DC

And, of course, the biggest Industry News of the week is Chris Cole now rides for DC. Crazy things are happening in the skateboarding industry…should be interesting to see how things shake-out.

Industry News – Mike V rejoins Powell Peralta

It has only been about 6 months since Mike Vallely quit Element Skateboards to start his own company, By The Sword Skateboards. Well, By The Sword has already called it quits and Mike has once again joined forces with Powell Peralta. No matter what  your opinion on this is, the fact is Mike has always been true to himself and at 40 years old he is skating as hard as ever! Also, it looks like they are blowing-out By The Sword decks over at Regulator Distribution for $27! Get one while you still can!