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Vendetta Griptape Team @ 2013 Florida Bowlriders Cup

Killer edit of the Vendetta Griptape team shredding at the 2013 Florida Bowlriders Cup in Jacksonville two weekends ago. Featuring: Christian Frazier, Ashton Dohany, & Dalton Dern.

Demon Seed Skateboards Team Edit

Demon Seed Skateboards team edit featuring: Rich Payne, Steve Workman, Bob Umble, Juan Pineiro, Steven Pineiro, Mat Call, Keith Baldassare, Jake Welch, Christian Frazier, Isaac Crawford, Ashton Dohany, and Brandon Yarborough.

Florida Vert Attack #8 Photos

Shot some photos at the Florida Vert Attack #8 on Saturday @ SPoT. Florida Vert Attack #9 is coming up in March, and is a whole weekend of ripping! Check out all the details here.Vert is still NOT Dead.

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag 2012.

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Demon Seed – Final Vans Sessions

Demon Seed Skateboards has a couple of edits from one of the final sessions at Vans Skatepark in Orlando.

2011 King of Crete @ OSP

Saturday, November 19th, was the Vitamin Water King of Crete at OSP in Orlando, FL. Everybody was killing it…East Coasters & West Coasters…Groms from 11 years old all the way up to Masters in their late 40’s and one that is even 50. It was a perfect day for some concrete shredding and in the end it was Mike Peterson, Sergie Ventura, Alex Sorgente, and Nick Wallace all taking first place in their respective divisions. To end the day off, everybody headed down the road to Skatebar for a couple of cold ones and the premiere of Lifeblood Skateboards’ first full-length video We Must Bleed.  Make sure to check out all of the final results and photographs below. Also, be sure to check out all of the video footage here. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

1.  Mike Peterson        $3,000
2.  Dalton Dern           $2,000
3.  Josh Rodriguez      $1,000
4.  Nolan Monroe        $600
5. Josh Stafford           $400
6. Shawn Ross            $250
7. Jimmy Marcus        $150
8.  Benji Galloway      $100
9. Keith Baldassare
10. Joe Storm
11. Nick Murphy
12. Rich Payne

1.  Sergie Ventura        $1,000
2.  Lenny Byrd            $600
3.  Aaron Astorga        $400
4. Todd Johnson          $250
5. Don Hillsman          $150
6. Mike Rogers            $100
7. Tony Walsh
8. Lonny Reiter

Open Am   
1.  Alex Sorgente
2.  Austin Gordon
3.  Clay Kreiner
4.  Cason Kirk
5.  Jacob Welch
6.  Marshall LaFrance
7.  Dane Quintal
8.  Spencer Lau
9.  Isaac Crawford
10. Pedro Delfino
11. Brandon Yarborough
12. Austin Creasman
13. Drew Hoffman
14. Dante Tonella
15. Christopher Kozma
16. Stone Denning
17. Marcos Luke

Boys (14 & Under)
1.  Nick Wallace
2.  Brennan Campbell
3.  Joseph Whitney
4.  Marcos Luke
5.  Joshua Forsberg
6.  Trey Sylvester
7.  Austin Wagar
8.  Chyanne Reese

All Photographs © No Comply Skateboard Mag 2011

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Vans Vert

I skated Vans Skatepark in Orlando last night with my buddy Todd Morrow and managed to shoot some photos of a fun little vert session without getting thrown out. Demon Seed Young-Gun rippers Ashton Dohany and Isaac Crawford were killing it and Todd Morrow and Jeff Patterson were holding it down for the Veteran Divison. Vans is closing in a couple of months, so maybe someone should coordinate one big last session? – Nicks.

All Photographs © No Comply Skateboard Mag 2011

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Demon Seed Skateboards @ Metro

Demon Seed Skateboards at the Metro Skateboard Academy in Orlando, Florida, featuring: Steve Workman, Isaac Crawford, Jake “Poptart” Welch, Christian Frazier, and Steven & Juan Piñeiro. These dudes session hard!

Demon Seed Skateboards GSD Vert Session

The Demon Seed Skateboards Vert Crew and some friends celebrated Go Skateboarding Day with a session on the newly revived vert ramp at Paradise Skatepark in Merritt Island. Check out this video of Rich Payne, Steve Workman, Wade Ulrich, Bob Umbel, Isaac Crawford, Christian Frazier, Frank Schaffroth, and Dan “Booger” Brown gettin’ to work. Filmed/ Edited by Jason Crawford.

Florida Vert Jam #6 Montage

Here is a killer little montage of the Florida Vert Jam #6 from last month at the Skatepark of Tampa, courtesy of Demon Seed Skateboards. Featuring Demon Seed riders: Rich Payne, Steve Workman, and Isaac Crawford. The video also features the south Florida vert crew: Adam “Scissors” Effertz and Chris Guilfoose.

Wednesday Evening Vert Sessions

Jason Crawford sent over this killer little montage of last Wednesday’s vert session at Vans Skate Park in Orlando. While you are at home watching Jersey Shore, guys like Stone Denning, Bret Applefield, and Demon Seed shredders Issac Crawford and Rich Payne are ripping what is probably one of the only vert sessions in the state of Florida on a Wednesday night. Thanks Jason!