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Jake Ilardi | Vert Ramp Clips

Jake Ilardi is an all-terrain ripper from Sarasota, FL. Check out these vert ramp clips from the Back to School Bash yesterday at the Skatepark of Tampa.

Filmed and Edited by Nate Ilardi.

SPoT Life | Friday at the 2013 Tampa Pro

RIDE Channel has footage from Friday at the 2013 Tampa Pro of the Team Manager/ Industry V.I.P. Contest, Tampa Am Vert, and the rained-out “Legends” Vert Session. Check it out.

7th Annual Florida Bowlriders Cup | Full Results & Gallery #1

The 7th Annual Florida Bowlriders Cup is in the books. Everything was absolutely amazing…the skateboarding, the weather, the people, the food, the camping, etc. Thank you to Marty Ramos and everyone at Kona Skatepark for an epic weekend. Below is a list of the overall winners of the weekend and a gallery of photos. Check back tomorrow for a full gallery of photos. Check out the full results here.

Overall Winners:
Masters: Jimmy” The Greek” Marcus
Pros: Dalton Dern
Women: Julz Lynn
Open Am: Kaden Cambell
Boys: Jacob Wooten

All Photos © No Comply Skateboard Mag

Click on image to view large.

Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark Edit

Killer little edit of some of the shredding that went down opening day of Team Pain Skatepark’s latest masterpiece, Bradenton Riverwalk Skatepark.

Filmed and Edited by Project Green Skate

Jake & Nate Ilardi

Jake & Nate Ilardi are twins from the Sarasota area and locals of P(A)YNE Skatepark. Jake & Nate are rippers, they have positive attitudes, and Nate is killing it on the photo/ video front these days. Check out a couple of recent edits that Nate has put together:

Filmed and Edited by Nate Ilardi

Goat Ramp Demo at the Take Over

The Goat Ramp demo at the Take Over in Sarasota on Saturday was sick! Such good times, good vibes, and the skateboarding was next-level! Big shout-outs to the Demon Seed Skateboards crew, the P(a)yne Skate Park crew, and everybody else that showed up to shred and have a good time! See you guys next weekend at the 3rd Annual Ghetto Bowl Bash!
Click photo to view large: 

Nick Murphy, Pivot to Fakie.

Tillman Hazelton, Backside Boneless.

Keith Baldassare, Judo over the hip.

Nick Murphy, Blunt to Fakie.

Poptart, Frontside Air over the hip.

Nick Murphy, Big Frontside Air over the gap.

Jake Ilardi, Frontside Air over the hip.

Jake Ilardi, Kickflip to Fakie.

Nick Murphy, Boneless from High to Low.

Mat Call, Oliie up to Smith.

Jay Turner, Frontside 5-0.

Mat Call, Ollie to Backside Disaster over the hip.

TJ Sparks, Frontside Smith Grind.

Jay Turner, Frontside Ollie.

Nico Mitsakos, Blunt to Fakie

BBQ, Ollie from Low to High with a tail tap.

Mat Call, Frontside Alley-Oop from Low to High.

Jared, Huge Frontside Flip.

Poptart, Frontside Air from Low to High.

TJ Sparks, Ollie in from High to Low.

Florida Vert Jam #6

Florida Vert Jam #6, Saturday April 16th, 2011 at Skatepark of Tampa. #6 wasn’t the biggest turnout, but as usual everyone had a great time and some sick vert skating was going down. Big thanks to Todd Morrow for making the Florida Vert Jams happen, to the Demon Seed Skateboards crew, and all of the Orlando and East Coast rippers that made the trip. Also, thanks to Brian Schaefer and The Bricks for the killer food and drink specials.
Click on images to enlarge. 

Jason Conner, Proper Rock N Roll.

Jake Ilardi, Backside Air.

Isaac Crawford, Grown-Man Frontside Air.

Rich Payne, Backside Air.

Rich Payne, One-Footed Mute Air. (Sick Trick, Crappy Photo)

Isaac Crawford Learned One-Footed Mute Airs Second Try...But, I Couldnt Manage To Get The Timing Right On The Photo.

Rich Payne, Rotten Egg.

Isaac Crawford, Stalefish.

Toby Gummeson, Frontside Air.

Chris Guilfoose, Method to Fakie.

Chris Guilfoose, Method Air.

Chris Guilfoose, Method Air. (Wide View)

Chris Guilfoose, Hellflip Indy. (Yep, thats a make)


Click on image above to view sequence courtesy of Demon Seed Skateboards.

Adam "Scissors" Effertz, Stalefish.

Adam "Scissors" Effertz, "Derrière"

Steve Workman, Frontside Air.

Steve Workman, Varial Lien.

Chris Guilfoose, HUGE Japan Air.

Steve Workman, Backside Melon Poker.

Post Vert Sesh...Sesh.



17th Annual Tampa Pro – Friday Schedule

Jake Ilardi, McTwist, SPoT, 2011.

 Friday, March 11th

  • 9am – Doors Open
    • Tickets are $5 & available at Skatepark of Tampa the day of
  • Open Pro Street & Am Vert Practice
  • 12pm – Team Manager/Industry VIP Street Contest
  • 2pm – Am Vert Contest
    • Two, 45-second run, best counts
    • Top 10 advance the Finals
    • Finals
      • Three, 45-second runs, best counts
  • 4pm – Open bar courtesy of Narragansett, Berentzen, and Red Bull – Party with the Blind Team to celebrate their 21st Anniversary!
  • 5pm – Riders’ Meeting
  • 8pm – Doors Close
  • 8pm – Blind 21-Year Birthday Party/Todd Bratrud Art Installation at The Bricks
    • 1327 E. 7th Ave./Ybor City
    • Free/All Ages
    • Free Narragansett and Berentzen
    • 10pm – Blind Video Premiere

Florida Vert Jam #4

Todd Morrow, Frontside Grind.

Jake Ilardi, McTwist.

Steve Workman, Frontside Air.

Isaac Crawford, Frontside Ollie.

Anthony Furlong, Varial Kickflip Mute.

Rich Payne, Rotten Egg.

Frank Schaffroth, Frontside Smith Grind.

Isaac Crawford, Lien Judo.

 Florida Vert Jam #4 is in the books. Once again, a great time was had by all! Thanks again to Todd Morrow for making it all happen, Ryan Clements and Skatepark of Tampa for hosting the event (and socks and beers at The Bricks), Ghetto Skateboards for their generous product contributions, Demon Seed Skateboards crew for killing the place, for shooting photos, and everyone that skated and hung-out! Congratulations to Jake Ilardi for sticking the McTwist and Rich Payne for putting down the Rotten Egg! The skateboarding was sick as usual! Looking forward to #5.


Random Video: Jake Ilardi – First 540

Check out this little clip of Ghetto Skateboards’ rider Jake Ilardi sticking his first 540 ever at P(a)yne Skatepark in Sarasota!