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Criteria For Failure | Jamal Campbell

Jamal Campbell’s full part in Criteria For Failure is super good. Check it…and buy a dvd while you are at it.

Filmed and Edited by Matt Oistacher.

Criteria For Failure | Premiere Promo

If you are in the Jacksonville area this Saturday, January 12th, be sure to check out the “Criteria For Failure” Premiere at 8103 Clothing in Jacksonville Beach.Criteria For Failure is a new full-length from Matt Oistacher featuring: Paul Hart, Spencer Lau, Grady Smith, Jake Sykes, Nick Blanco, Cory Newton, Jamal Campbell, Craig Clements, Matt Fink, and many more.

2012 Kona Holiday Am Jam

2012 Kona Holiday Am Jam at Kona Skatepark Presented by Autoline Preowned.

Filmed and Edited by James Grosser

C4F Throwaway | Untitled #2

Matt Oistacher has some rad throwaway clips for you from his upcoming full-length Criteria For Failure (C4F).

GSD 2012 Jacksonville | Autoline Street Best Trick

Here is just a little taste of how big Jacksonville, Florida did Go Skateboarding Day 2012. As you can see, thousands of people descended upon Hemming Plaza in downtown Jacksonville for shredding, music, an art show, a chopper show, an antique car show, and good times! Hemming Plaza is one of those places; seems like every city has one; where there are a bunch of good spots, but is a huge bust…tickets, boards being confiscated, etc. Well, this year, for Go Skateboarding Day, the city of Jacksonville, with the help of all of the sponsors, decided to allow Hemming Plaza to be skated, while also benefiting the Kona School. This is an edit of the Autoline Preowned Street Best Trick Contest. Full coverage of the entire event is coming soon!

Filmed and Edited by James Grosser for Autoline Preowned.

Kona Quick Clips: Craig Clements & Jamal Campbell

8103 Clothing family members Craig Clements & Jamal Campbell enjoy a little post-thunderstorm sesh at Kona Skatepark in the JAX.

Fimed and Edited by Matt Oistacher.

8103 Clothing: Introducing Jamal Campbell

Jamal Campbell is now getting flowed by 8103 Clothing, and they would like to introduce him and his skills on the stuntwood to you via this video clip. Filmed and Edited by Matt Oistacher.

Nick Blanco & Friends

8103 Clothing has some recent footage of team rider Nick Blanco, and friends Jamal Campbell and Trevor Stevens, shredding the UNF Skate Park. Filmed and Edited by Matt Oistacher.