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Soft Hoagie Rolls | Exciting New Technology

Soft Hoagie Rolls is introducing some Exciting New Technology in 2013 that is going to blow your mind! Nick Barwick, Scott Grimm, Johnny Goheen, Treshan O’Shaughnessy, Luke Pallone, Anthony Marshello, Dan Harper, Victor Scorza, and Spike Lamy have all had their chips implanted already.

Lakeland Skaters Alliance Meeting

Lakeland, Florida needs a proper city-funded skatepark, and the dudes at the Lakeland Skaters Alliance are ready to do what it takes to make sure that becomes reality. There is an open-forum meeting tomorrow night at Evolution Records to discuss the need for a park, as well as design and location ideas. If you have an opportunity to make it out, please do so and share your ideas with them. And, if you can’t make it please share the Lakeland Skaters Alliance page with your friends to help support their cause.