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Harvest Jam @ SPoT

The Skatepark of Tampa has footage of last weekend’s Harvest Jam Presented by Expedition One. Check all of the final results here.

Joey Pepper “Remix”

Joey Pepper rules!

“The Amazon” – Webisode 9 “The End of The River”

 Skateboarder Magazine released the final webisode of their documentary series “The Amazon” today. Webisode 9 – “The End of The River”  finds the crew looking back on the highlights of their trip as they are packing their bags on the last day. They also manage to get in a few more hours of skating before their late evening flight back to the States.

“The Amazon” – Webisode 8 “Ayahuasca”

Skateboarder Magazine released webisode 8 of its documentary series “The Amazon” today. “Ayahuasca” goes like this: soccer game in the middle of nowhere, swimming with pink dolphins, and tripping on ayahuasca for 10 bucks.

“The Amazon” Webisode 7 – “The Jungle”

Skateboarder Magazine released webisode 7 of its documentary series “The Amazon” yesterday. “The Jungle” finds the crew setting out on a jungle expedition via a small boat called the “Jesus Christ”, and captures all of the adventure that they encounter along the way. 

“The Amazon” – Webisode 5 “Boat Legs”

Skateboarder Magazine released webisode number 5 of 6 today in its “Amazon” documentary series. “Boat Legs” catches up with the crew about half way through their 4 day, 800-mile journey down stream on board a cramped river boat. They are all a little suprised to hear from the Captain why the boat turned around for short time in the early hours of the morning.  The crew eventually arrives in their destination city of Santarem to a plethora of skate spots, with 36 hours to put in some serious work! Check it out….this is the best one yet!

Expedition One Skateboards – “Madness”

Expedition One Skateboards’ latest film “Madness” is now available on KAYO TV…check it out here. Kenny Hoyle and the rest of the Expedition One team killed it, but my personal favorite is Joey Pepper.