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“Clash of the Crews” 2013 @ SPoT

Here is footage of the 2013 Clash of the Crews Presented by Vans @ SPoT. Teams from all over Florida and beyond competed for the fame and ($1,000) fortune. In the end, the Graffiti Skate Zone team from Palm Bay, Florida took home 1st place. The final results and some photos can be found here.

Schoolyard Skatepark | Punk Rock & Skateboarding

Local Punk Rock, Free PBR, Skateboarding, and the brand new Vert Wall @ Schoolyard Skatepark in St. Pete. What better way to spend your Saturday night!? Highest sticker slap & Best Powerslide contest with live punk rock playing to get you stoked. The crew over at Schoolyard Skatepark knows how to do it right. Always plenty of ripping and good times. Make sure to stay up to date with everything Schoolyard has going on on their website and of course, on our Upcoming Events page. Make sure to check out Soft Hoagie Rolls’ edit of the event, which is posted below the photo gallery here. – Nicks

Photos: Nick Nicks & Bryan Friesen

Click on image to view large.

Soft Hoagie Rolls has the footy:

Schoolyard Skatepark | Vans Warped Tour Mini-Ramp Qualifiers

I had to re-upload this little edit of the Vans Warped Tour Qualifier on the mini-ramp at Schoolyard Skatepark from a couple weekends ago because of some copyright issues. Anyway, here it is. Thanks to Demon Seed Skateboards, Westside Skateshop, and Schoolyard Skatepark for putting this on. See you guys at the Vans Warped Tour in Vinoy Park next weekend. – Nicks

Filmed and Edited by Nick Nicks.

Montesi’s 40th Birthday Party @ Schoolyard Skatepark

Soft Hoagie Rolls didn’t waste any time putting together an edit of some of the festivities and skating from John Montesi’s 40th birthday party @ Schoolyard Skatepark last night. Congrats to Tommy Wray and Schoolyard Skatepark owner Tim Simmons for taking first and second place respectively in the Old Man Jam Contest!

Schoolyard Skatepark | Montesi’s 40th Birthday

Friday, June 29th, in celebration Westside Skateshop owner and Pro Skateboarder John Montesi’s 40th birthday…skating is FREE all day long at Schoolyard Skatepark! There will be a Best Trick Contest @ 3 pm and a 30 + Contest @ 8 pm. The following day at the Westside Skateshop Tarpon Springs location the annual Sidewalk Sale gets underway at 11 am, with another Best Trick Contest @ 3 pm.

Paradox Shop Experience | Westside Skateshop

Westside Skateshop and team rider Jimmy Mastrocolo show you in this edit at Schoolyard Skatepark why they switched to Paradox Griptape as their official shop griptape.

Supra Demo @ Schoolyard Skatepark/ Westside Skateshop

Footage of the Supra Three Amigos 2012 Spring Tour stop at Schoolyard Skatepark/ Westside Skateshop in St. Petersburg from a couple weeks back. Featuring: Neen Williams, Keelan Dadd, Kevin Romar, Boo Johnson, Nick Tucker, Pat Rumney, and Spencer Hamilton.

Filmed and Edited by Tim Simmons.

Schoolyard Skatepark | Fourstar Demo

Check out the footage of the Schoolyard Skatepark stop on Fourstar Clothing’s The 4 Live Crew Off The Panhandle Tour that rolled through Florida recently. Mike Carroll, Ishod Wair, Sean Malto, Andrew Brophy, Shane O’Neill, and Rick Howard were all ripping. Big shout-out to Tim Simmons at Schoolyard Skatepark and John Montesi at Westside Skateshop for making it happen!

Filmed & Edited by Tim Simmons

Additional Filming: Nick Nicks

Schoolyard Skatepark/ Westside Skateshop Grand Opening

Yesterday was the Grand Opening & Mega Best Trick Contest at Schoolyard Skatepark in St. Petersburg. Schoolyard Skatepark is an indoor, air-conditioned, street-style park and is skateboarder-owned and operated. Westside Skateshop has a fully stocked shop at the park to make sure you stay hooked-up right. The turn-out yesterday was incredible, the parking lot was full and the park was jam packed. Below is a little montage of footage from the 4 different best trick contests that went down throughout the afternoon. Each contest was on a different obstacle: the china bank, the bump to rail, the planter ledge, and the quarter-pipe/ pyramid. Lots of serious shredding was going on yesterday, and these guys are just getting started. Make sure to stay up to date with all of the demos, contests, etc. coming to Schoolyard Skatepark on their Facebook Page and of course, on the No Comply Upcoming Events page.

Amateur Filming & Editing by Nick Nicks.

Paradise Wheels Giveaway Winner & September Montage

The winner of the Paradise Wheels Giveaway is Stephen Oliveira of Palm Bay, Florida. Hope you enjoy the wheels Stephen! Speaking of Paradise Wheels, take a look at their September Team Montage featuring: Matt Rodriguez , Nate Porter , Dave Abair , Maro Kondo, Brian Downey, Richard Sarrazin, Alex Richard, Ryan Cooper and Andrew Dellas.

Paradise Wheels Giveaway

Paradise Wheels makes some killer wheels, and we have a set of 53mm wheels from their Handstyle Series to give to one lucky winner! All you have to do is tell us who your favorite Paradise Wheels team rider is and why. The winner will be chosen next Friday, September 16th…good luck!

Westside Skateshop Demo at Astro

I remember going to all-nighters at Astro Skate in Tarpon Springs a long time ago when I was a kid. Astro Skate is a roller skating rink, but they have a couple of ramps and boxes and a couple of rails that they pull out once in a while and let people skate. Here’s a clip of John Montesi and some of the Westside Skateshop team doing a little demo at Astro. Filmed and Edited by Tim Simmons

Ergo “Florida Shop Tour” Demo @ Stewy’s Skatepark

Westside Skateshop hosted a demo with the ERGO Clothing skate team at Stewy’s Skatepark in Spring Hill last week. Check out this montage courtesy of Westside Skateshop featuring: Kris Markovich, Norman Woods, Shawn Hale, and Florida O.G.’s John Montesi, George Evans, and Matt Fink. Filmed and Edited by Tim Simmons.