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USKO Collective “Bearly”

USKO just released their first video, Bearly. The video is broken down into 4 parts and is available on the Bearly Page on the website or on USKO’s YouTube Channel. Bearly features ripping parts from Floridian team riders Paul Hart, Josiah Gatlyn, and Nick Zizzo, as well as sick parts from team riders Johnathan Pierce, Anthony Garcia, and Sebo Walker. Also, be sure to check out Bearly 3/4 The Friend Collective for shredding from a bunch of Florida homies.

“Bearly” 8.1.11

Today, 8.1.11, is the online premiere of Bearly, USKO’s first video featuring skating from team riders: Sebo Walker, Jonathan Peirce, Nick Zizzo, Anthony Garcia, Josiah Gatlyn, and Paul Hart. Bearly will also feature a hefty “friends” section, and premieres tonight at 8pm EST. All of the parts will be uploaded to USKO’s YouTube Channel and will also be posted in playlist format on