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Theories of Atlantis | Escape From New York Tour

Theories of Atlantis just released their Escape From New York Tour video. Ten days of skating, demos, and shenanigans all over Tampa Bay and Miami. Featuring: Jimmy Lannon, Kevin Coakley, Ben Gore, Piro Sierra, Yonnie Cruz, Dane Brady, and many more. Enjoy.

Static | Forrest Kirby

Theories of Atlantis made Forrest Kirby’s part from the first Static installment available on the interwebs today for your viewing pleasure.

Joel Meinholz | Time Machine Mashup

Theories of Atlantis put together almost 20 years of raw footage for Joel Meinholz’s 40th birthday….enjoy over seven minutes of straight power skating from the Mayor of Miami.

Theories of Atlantis | Static I – “Northeast” Section (1999)

Theories of Atlantis just made the “Northeast” section of Static I available for your viewing pleasure…enjoy.

Theories of Atlantis | Time Machine #22 – Danny Renaud

Theories of Atlantis has an amazing new Time Machine featuring 5-minutes of never seen before footage of Florida ripper Danny Renaud.

SKATE Tampa with Ryan Clements & The SPoT Crew

RIDE Channel‘s newest episode of SKATE features Tampa, FL with a personal tour from Ryan Clements and the SPoT crew. Things get started at the park, they hit a couple of street spots along the way, stop at The Bricks for some refreshments, and finally end up at the legendary Bro Bowl.

RIDE Channel | SKATE Miami with Joel Meinholz

RIDE Channel takes you on a skate-tour of Miami with Mr. Miami himself, Joel Meinholz.

Filmed and Edited by Josh Stewart

Joel Meinholz “Welcome to MIA” Part

Theories of Atlantis just released Joel Meinholz’s part from MIA Skateshop’s first ever full-length, Welcome to MIA. Welcome to MIAwas released in 2010 and easily is one of the best videos to ever come out of Florida…it is a must have for your permanent collection. Joel’s part is beastly…enjoy!

Filmed and Edited by Josh Stewart.

RIDE Channel “SPOTS” | SPoT History, Loop Knockouts, and Mike Frazier

RIDE Channel has some more crazy, historical Skatepark of Tampa footage for your viewing pleasure.

The History of Skatepark of Tampa | SPOTS – Part 1 of 2

The RIDE Channel’s newest SPOTS features the infamous Skatepark of Tampa. The story behind the Skatepark of Tampa is one that is crazy and rich in history, and is one that every skateboarder should hear. The Skatepark of Tampa, has not only done so much for skateboarding in the Tampa Bay area and in Florida, it has been an important part in progressing skateboarding all over the world. Next year, the Skatepark of Tampa celebrates 20 years, it is amazing to think about how far they have come. I don’t think they are going anywhere soon. Enjoy!

Joel Meinholz | HOPPS Commercial

Joel Meinholz with some high-speed parking garage fun in this new HOPPS commercial.

Filmed by Mikey Bueso

Edited by Theories of Atlantis

HOPPS Welcomes Steve Brandi

Damn…it’s been a long time since there has been any new Steve Brandi footage floating around! Steve is the newest addition to the HOPPS roster, and they would like to welcome him with this smooth clip.

Time Capsule Thursdays: Jay Giroux

This week’s Time Capsule Thursdays features Jay Giroux’s part from FM2, with a few clips of my man Rickie Dixon thrown in. Filmed and Edited by Rob Hoovis. Additional filming by Josh Stewart.

Time Capsule Thursdays: Allen Russell

This week’s Time Capsule Thursdays features the closing part from FM2…Allen Russell. Allen rips. Filmed and Edited by Rob Hoovis. Additional filming by Josh Stewart.

Ben Gore is Pro for Stereo

MIA Skateshop team rider Ben Gore is Stereo Skateboards newest pro. Take a look at Ben’s “Pro Debut” video below, as well as his sick part from Josh Stewart’s Welcome to MIA.

Remix: Brian Delatorre MIA

Josh Stewart Remixed Brian Delatorre’s incredible Welcome to MIA part exclusively for Thrasher Magazine. Click the image below to see it for yourself.

Magenta Skateboards: Josh Stewart ” Theories” Cruiser

Several days ago, we all heard the news that Florida local and Westside Skateshop team rider Jimmy Lannon was getting his first Pro Model board from Paris-based Magenta Skateboards. Well, now we’ve received news that another Florida local is getting a board from Magenta Skateboards. Skateboarding filmmaker Josh Stewart got himself a Magenta “Guest” Model Theories Cruiser. Pick one up in the Theories Store before they are all gone!

Copyright Infringement…

…is the “unauthorized or prohibited use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright holder’s exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works“. That being the case, take a look, first, at the official trailer for Josh Stewart’s most recent film “Welcome to MIA”…then, take a peek at the second trailer…notice anything?

Josh Stewart’s Red Bull Recap of the 2011 Tampa Pro Finals

Take a look at Josh Stewart’s Red Bull Recap of the Finals at the 2011 Tampa Pro. 

“The Amazon” – Webisode 9 “The End of The River”

 Skateboarder Magazine released the final webisode of their documentary series “The Amazon” today. Webisode 9 – “The End of The River”  finds the crew looking back on the highlights of their trip as they are packing their bags on the last day. They also manage to get in a few more hours of skating before their late evening flight back to the States.

“The Amazon” – Webisode 8 “Ayahuasca”

Skateboarder Magazine released webisode 8 of its documentary series “The Amazon” today. “Ayahuasca” goes like this: soccer game in the middle of nowhere, swimming with pink dolphins, and tripping on ayahuasca for 10 bucks.

Ed Selego MIA Video: Director’s Cut

Josh Stewart just released this alternate edit of Ed Selego’s part in his most recent film “Welcome To MIA”.

“The Amazon” Webisode 7 – “The Jungle”

Skateboarder Magazine released webisode 7 of its documentary series “The Amazon” yesterday. “The Jungle” finds the crew setting out on a jungle expedition via a small boat called the “Jesus Christ”, and captures all of the adventure that they encounter along the way. 

“The Amazon”: Webisode 6 – “Manaus”

Skateboarder Magazine released webisode 6 of “The Amazon” documentary series today. Today’s webisode entitled “Manaus” finds the crew in the large city of Manaus, located in the middle of the Amazon and the rainforest. They are very pleased to find that Manaus has, what seems like, an endless supply of good skate spots. But, after a long day of skating and filming, the guys decide to go check out some waterfalls with some locals…and that’s when things get interesting.