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Lem Villemin: Clean, Smooth, Stylish

Lem Villemin may not be the most famous skater in the sport’s history, but this young prodigy from Germany definitely deserves a place in the spotlight. At 23, he already boasts a successful career in the skating industry as evidenced by several sponsors, which includes
, Cliche, and Thunder, among others. He is not only famous with his skating peers but is also well loved by the YouTube community. In fact, Villemin is often a subject of the online world with his nifty tricks. Only time can tell if this young kid will join the ranks of Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, or Bob Burnquist in the skater world. One thing is for sure, this young gun is unlikely to bail on skateboarding as he continues to show love for the competitive sport.

Humble beginnings

Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Lem lived there for seven years. He then moved to Germany and now lives in Stuttgart, which is famous for the abundance of the stylish Porsche cars. He soon studied at a language school for half a year and eventually learned to speak German. He is also quite fluent in English.

Tricks and style

Skaters fancy Villemin’s fast and smooth style. In fact, even with some of his sketchy landings in his arsenal of tricks, the young native of Stuttgart has made it look clean and classy. He is that kind you would enjoy watching while listening to the Ramones’ song, Blitzkrieg Bop—a song popularized by the famous skating video game named after Tony Hawk. Name a trick and he has the moves and notorious credibility of finishing it smoothly. Whether you fancy ollies, kick or heel flips, or even the bigspins and pop shove-its, Villemin can do them easily. Some fans even go to the extent of calling this skating phenom, “Bruce Lee on a skateboard.”

What’s next for the young Villemin and skateboarding?

In the meantime, the native of Germany should practice in the streets, improve his game and build on his focus. He might even want to test out his mental endurance by participating in light card games like blackjack, which is a staple in local casinos. Luckily, Germany is home to plenty of casino and gaming establishments. And of course, one can easily just go to with their PC or mobile to emulate the same casino feel. You see, playing casino games is a good boost to improving focus and is in fact, a good way to reconnect with your buddies. In fact, it’s just the perfect activity to cap off a skating session in the park. Casino games could easily help you relax and unwind before a good night sleep. Who knows, with constant practice of casino games, the young Villemin could soon be a skating giant with a gritty focus and sharp skating skills.

“SPoT Life” Episode 2

Episode 2 of SPoT Life from the Ride Channel finds the crew in Las Vegas for some trade show fun.

Maloof Road Tour – Miami

Check out this video recap of the Maloof Road Tour stop at Westwind Skatepark in Miami two weekends ago. Mickey O’Keefe won himself a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the Best Line Contest at the Magic Trade Show in Las Vegas.

World Record Ollie

Powell-Peralta Am Aldrin Garcia set a new world record high ollie at the Maloof High Ollie Challenge in Las Vegas yesterday! Aldrin’s 45″ ollie beat the previous world record of 44.5″ set by ex-Powell pro Danny Wainwright back in 2000! Check out the video of this ridiculous ollie courtesy of Rob Meronek and the Skatepark of Tampa.

SPoT’s Dylan Perry Ollies His Way to Las Vegas


Skatepark of Tampa rider, Dylan Perry, won the Maloof “High Ollie Challenge” at SPoT this past Saturday. Dylan’s 37 inch ollie was enough to take first place and secure himself a trip to Las Vegas for the Semi-Finals/ Finals. Take a look at all of the photos here. Dylan will be competing in the Semi-Finals on Valentine’s Day, and then hopefully making his way into the finals on the 15th, where there is $15,000 in prizes up for grabs. Good luck Dylan.