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Live Skateboard Media | Whatever Bro Vol. 1

Cruising the streets of SF via Live Skateboard Media. Featuring: Josh Paz, Alex O’Donahoe, Brett Nichols, Daniel DeBarros, John Lindsay, DJ Rosa, Harry Hafner, Joe Villavicencio, and Bobby Groves.

Film/ Edit: Johnathan Rezonable

Justin Henry Edits

Some skateboarders’ styles are just more aesthetically pleasing than others. Justin Henry is a good example of one such skateboarder. Check out the Six Days in New York and Street Canoe 2014 edits for the smoothest skating you will see all day.

Justin Henry’s Six Days in New York / premiere / trailer from Live skateboard media on Vimeo.

Justin Henry Street Canoe 2014 from Andy Helvey on Vimeo.

Parisii / XIX

Parisii / XIX is over 10 minutes of Parisian skateboarding and collaboration via Live Skateboard Media.

Parisii / XIX from Live skateboard media on Vimeo.