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Team Pain Park Trippin v.2 | Jake Sykes, Kyle Parisi, & Craig Clements

Team Pain Park Trippin v.2 features: Jake Sykes, Kyle Parisi, & Craig Clements shredding Lakeland Skatepark with an obligatory Maitland Brick Quarters stop en route.

Strange Notes | “5 & 5 w/ Evan Smith”

Strange Notes has a killer 5 & 5 with Evan Smith at the Maitland Brick Quarters.

Dalton Dern 540 on the Maitland Brick Quarters

Dalton Dern 540 on the Maitland Brick Quaters in the F.L.O. Video.

Bones Bearings | Florida Trip

Check out this edit of the Bones Bearings team on a recent trip through Florida.

Vendetta Griptape | Nick Murphy & Jordan Armenta

Vendetta Griptape is back and they have a crew of heavy-hitters. Check out this sick little montage of team riders Nick Murphy and Jordan Armenta doing some shredding.

Filmed and Edited by Jay Meyer


My boy Nick Murphy coming through with the “WEEKLY IMAGE” over at SKATEDAILY.NET.

Lowcard Mag’s “Sunday Night Sequence”: Nick Murphy

Demon Seeder, Nick Murphy, is this week’s “Sunday Night Sequence” over at Lowcard Mag. Hide your mailboxes people…cause Nick Murphy is on a rampage lately!

Maitland Brick Quarters Session

On Saturday before the April Pools Day contest at OSP, David Patch, Jake “Poptart” Welch, Nick Murphy, and myself squeezed in a super-fun little session at the Maitland Brick Quarters. All Photos_Nick Nicks.

Jake "Poptart" Welch, Backside Smith Stall 270 Out. Click image to view sequence.

Nick Murphy, Alley-Oop Boneless In. Click image to view sequence.

Jake "Poptart" Welch, Chink-Chink Revert. Click image to view sequence.

Nick Murphy, Frontside Rock N' Roll.

Nick Nicks, Rock N' Roll.

David Patch, "Patch" Grind.

Nick Murphy, Puttin' in work...

So Gnarly I Had To Post It Again!

Just in case you missed this. This is so gnarly…I’ve been watching a lot of clips in the last couple of weeks of tricks that have been done at this spot, and this is definitely one of the gnarliest! Nick Murphy rips!

Click on Image to view Sequence:

Nick Murphy Officially Killed The Maitland Brick Quarters!

Nick Murphy, Bluntslide through the corner on the infamous Maitland Brick Quarters. Click on the image above to see the Sequence!