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Midtown Skatepark | Mini Documentary

Full Sail University students Collin Murray and Steven Sorrentini put together this killer little documentary about Midtown Skatepark in Orlando, FL.

Midtown Skatepark | Clip Of The Week #67- Ryder Bartholomew- Local

Midtown Skatepark in Orlando has been steady releasing these Clip of the Week edits for 67 weeks now. It is really amazing to me the level of talent and diversity in styles I have seen in these edits from week to week. The most recent Clip of the Week features local ripper Ryder Bartholomew with his unique approach to skating the park.  Keep ’em coming guys…

Midtown Skatepark | Clip of the Week #66 – Jean Aguilar

Midtown Skatepark’s newest Clip of the Week features local homie Jean Aguilar.

SPoT | Cruise Control – Orlando

In the most recent Cruise Control from the Skatepark of Tampa, the crew loaded up in the van and headed to Orlando. Street skating, a session at Midtown Skatepark, and the 2013 Surf Expo made for a fun, skating-filled weekend. Check it out…

SPoT | Cruise Control – St. Pete

The Skatepark of Tampa’s newest show Cruise Control is an excuse to load the crew into the SPoT van for the day and see what they can get themselves into. Amidst their travels, they will be giving out skateboards to worthy recipients courtesy of Boards for Bros. The next Cruise Control destination is this weekend in Orlando for Surf Expo and a session at Midtown Skatepark. Email if you have an upcoming event or would like the SPoT crew to cruise through your town next.

Midtown Skatepark | 3-Year Anniversary Edit

Midtown Skatepark in Orlando celebrated their 3-Year Anniversary on Wednesday. Everyone skated for FREE and the session was heated. Congratulations on 3 years guys, here is to many more. Cheers…

Midtown Skatepark | ‘Clip Of The Week #58’ – Jon Sciano – Team Rider

Midtown Skatepark’s Clip of the Week #58 features team rider Jon Sciano ruling…

Idiosyncratic | Premiere Promo

Idiosyncratic is an independent skateboard film by Troy Vetri featuring Dalton Dern, Ben Eubank, Chad Poore, Josh Baker, Eric Testerman, Kevin Campbell, Taylor McCrary, Chris Puerta, Ryan Mickelson, Nick Babich, Austin Griffith, Salomon Cardenas and many more. Premiering August 24th at Midtown Skatepark. Stay tuned for all of the details.

Midtown Skatepark “Clip of the Week” #56 – Jake “Poptart” Welch

Poptart absolutely kills it in Midtown Skatepark’s latest Clip of the Week.

Midtown Skatepark | “Clip of the Week” #52 – David Kahn – Catalyst

Catalyst team rider David Kahn comes through with Midtown Skatepark’s latest Clip of the Week. Check it out…it’s a good one.