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Tampa Pro 2012 | Mike V

Mike V won the first ever Tampa Pro. Here he is 18 years later at this year’s Tampa Pro…still ripping as hard as ever:

Mike V.

…can switch board companies or start his own thing as many times as he wants. The dude is a legend. This is the best two and a half minutes of skateboarding I have watched in quite a while. – Nicks

Industry News – Mike V rejoins Powell Peralta

It has only been about 6 months since Mike Vallely quit Element Skateboards to start his own company, By The Sword Skateboards. Well, By The Sword has already called it quits and Mike has once again joined forces with Powell Peralta. No matter what  your opinion on this is, the fact is Mike has always been true to himself and at 40 years old he is skating as hard as ever! Also, it looks like they are blowing-out By The Sword decks over at Regulator Distribution for $27! Get one while you still can!