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Bob’s Bowl Session

Nick Murphy, Jake “Poptart” Welch, Brian “Yoda” Upapong, Benji Galloway, & Shaun “Tha Boss” Ross in a heated backyard sesh somewhere in central Florida.

Filmed & Edited by Jay Meyer.

Skatepark of Tampa – ThanksGiving

Onil Diaz, Lam Le, Chris Blake, Willie Wilson, & Kevin Perez drove from Orlando to Tampa the other day to session the new course at the Skatepark of Tampa. Check out the sick little montage that they put together.

Filmed & Edited by Kevin Perez and Onil Diaz.

Demon Seed Skateboards @ Metro

Demon Seed Skateboards at the Metro Skateboard Academy in Orlando, Florida, featuring: Steve Workman, Isaac Crawford, Jake “Poptart” Welch, Christian Frazier, and Steven & Juan Piñeiro. These dudes session hard!

Ben Eubank “Halloweentage”

Ben Eubank’s got some new tricks & treats for you in this Halloween-inspired montage.

Filmed & Edited by Troy Vetri.

Midtown Massacre 2011

Tommy Bohn put together a nice little montage of bangers from Midtown Skatepark’s 2nd Annual Midtown Massacre Best Trick Contest.

Filmed & Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Coconut Groove w/ Simon Volpoet

Oxelo Skateboards Presents Coconut Groove w/ Simon Volpoet. Really nice south Florida edit…

Filmed and Edited by Guilhem Machenaud.

Paradise Wheels Giveaway Winner & September Montage

The winner of the Paradise Wheels Giveaway is Stephen Oliveira of Palm Bay, Florida. Hope you enjoy the wheels Stephen! Speaking of Paradise Wheels, take a look at their September Team Montage featuring: Matt Rodriguez , Nate Porter , Dave Abair , Maro Kondo, Brian Downey, Richard Sarrazin, Alex Richard, Ryan Cooper and Andrew Dellas.

Midtown Crew @ Surf Expo Orlando

Kevin Perez put together a sick little montage of the Midtown Skatepark crew destroying the course at Surf Expo in Orlando over the weekend. Featuring: Jon Scianneaux, Tj Harris, Chris Blake, Mike Wine, filmed and edited by Kevin Perez.

“Tom’s Diner” – Tampa Street Skating

Tampa local Joshua Wilson came through with another sick montage. Tom’s Diner features raw street skating, Tampa style, with: Darrell Gordon, Dimitri Rangos, Andre McKenzie, Jyrus Ferguson, and James Cobb. Filmed and Edited by Joshua Wilson.

Midtown Skatepark 1 Year Anniversary Montage

Midtown Skatepark in Orlando celebrated their 1 year anniversary over the weekend. As usual, there was some serious shredding going on.

Filmed and Edited by TJ Gaskill

Additional Filming by Kevin Perez and Tommy Bohn.

Demon Seed @ Woodward

Demon Seed Skateboards flow riders Ashton Dohany and Jeff Rasp spent some time at Woodward recently.

Filmer Footy

Every once in a while, filmers and photographers get some too. Check out this montage of Orlando filmers Tommy Bohn and Kevin Perez gettin’ some at Midtown Skatepark. Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez and Tommy Bohn.

Garrett Miller Midtown Montage

Garrett Miller ripping Midtown Skatepark to some Hendrix. Filmed and Edited by ezgsince93.

Tampa Bebop!

This is one of the nicest little montages I’ve seen in a while. Tampa Bebop! is full of Tampa locals shredding the gritty streets of Tampa. Filmed and Edited by Joshua Wilson.

Midtown Skatepark: After-Hours with TJ Harris

After-hours sesh at Midtown Skatepark with TJ Harris and homie Kenny Day. Filmed and Edited by Tommy Bohn.

Devin Abreu Midtown Montage #2

Devin Abreu has been putting in a lot of work and killing it lately. Here is another sick montage of Devin, with a couple of clips from his homie Ty Purdie, skating Midtown Skatepark. Filmed and Edited by Chris Almeida.

Paradise Wheels – “Weekends with Rosa #3”

Paradise Wheels‘ third installment of Weekends with Rosa features skating from a bunch of central Florida rippers, and a dedication to their friend Will Durham that passed away a few weeks ago.

Demon Seed Skateboards: Black & White Edit

Check out this montage of Demon Seed Skateboards team riders Steve Workman, Rich Payne, Tyler Coffman, Keith Baldassare, and Mat Call killing it at the Cocoa Beach Skatepark over the weekend. These dudes put together some serious sessions when they get together. Video courtesy of Demon Seed Skateboards.

I Am Skateboards Updates

I Am Skateboards out of south Florida has a couple of updates for you this morning. They just dropped their first commercial and they’ve also got a nice little montage for you of a recent Rocket Town Thursdays session at Rocket Town Skatepark in Pompano Beach. Keep an eye out for good things to come from these guys.

Filmed by Brandon Epling/ Edited by Daniel Griffith

Filmed and Edited by Dylan Hughes

Solo (‘4’ Claire): Teasers, Throwaways, Etc.

Here’s a sick new montage from David Stoessel, the independent skateboarding filmmaker from Florida that released the full-length SPREADtheGOOD just a few months ago. SPREADtheGOOD was a killer and judging from this montage, Stoessel has wasted no time getting started on his next project. Check it out, Solo (‘4’ Claire) features Dylan Perry, Garret Miller, Matt Ramsey, Nick Zizzo, Aaron Collier, and a bunch of other Florida shredders.

The Bricks & SPoT Skate Shop Ybor Celebrate One Year

The Bricks and SPoT Skate Shop Ybor celebrated their 1st birthday on Saturday night, and in typical SPoT fashion they threw a rager. They even built a mini-ramp out back just for the occasion. The ERGO team was in town and they got in on the action as well. Nobody does it like the Skatepark of Tampa. Check out this nice little montage of all of the evening’s festivities. Filmed and Edited by Joe Pelham.

Poptart Bowl Shreddin’

Here’s a killer little montage of Demon Seed Skateboards rider Jake “Poptart” Welch shredding a private backyard bowl recently. Filmed and Edited by Shea Atkinson.

More Midtown Montages

Here are a couple more killer little montages of some Midtown Skatepark locals getting their summer started off right.

This first montage features: TJ Harris, Chris Abbott, Willie Wilson, Aaron Collier, Justin Lee, Kenny Day, and Garrett Miller. Filmed and Edited by Kevin Perez, with additional by Tommy Bohn.

Up next is Garrett Miller, Devin Abreu, and Chris Almeida getting things done. Filmed and Edited by Chris Almeida.

Nick Murphy Backyard Bowl Montage

Nick Murphy has been absolutley on fire lately…here is killer montage from a session at an undisclosed backyard bowl in an undisclosed city in Florida. Filmed and Edited by Jay Meyer. Thanks Jay!